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2020 EFSS Calendar

Teacher Contact List 2020:
Year 1 Teacher Contact List (Sem 1 2020)
Year 2 Teacher Contact List (Sem 1 2020) 
Year 3 Teacher Contact List (Sem 1 2020) 
Year 4 Teacher Contact List (Sem 1 2020)
Year 5 Teacher Contact List (Sem 1 2020)

CCA Schedule:

Semester One 2020

Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS)

Education and Career Guide
EFSS Library Catalogue 

1:1 iPad Learning Environment Handbook

General Routines for iPad 1:1

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School Prospectus 

Letter of Authorisation to collect School Graduation Certificate (SGC) in the event that students (Alumni of Sec 4 & 5 Classes) are not able to collect the items personally. Please note that only parents/guardian are allowed to collect the items on students' behalf.