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PCF students do not have the luxury of attending lessons which are ICT-infused. As a collaborative project involving our Year 2 & 3 Student Leaders, we helped to source for apps and assessed the suitability of these apps for pre-school children.

Our Year 2 & 3 Student Leaders carried out the Community Involvement Programme with a PCF centre located at Punggol Central. They would be implementing the lessons according to the needs/level of learning ability through the use of iPads for an hour for five weeks in semester two of the academic year. We found apps suitable for them and we were able to infuse some interactive learning through the discerned use of ICT via free educational apps available in the iTunes Store Singapore.

Worksheets would be created for the one hour activity for PCF children to further reinforce the learning using the iPADS. Some PCF children were more advanced and they moved on to other advanced phonic apps, while the majority of the students enjoyed having an older brother/sister to guide them as they learn to read and spell together. A pre-reading and post-reading quiz will be carried out weekly through the use of the interactive apps. The PCF children feedback that the 1 hour session was fun and engaging!