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Parents Support Group

As parents, we play an important role in our children’s development and to optimize their potential.
Edgefield Secondary School's Parent Support Group (EFSS PSG) supports both parents and their child in their journey in this school.

Our Mission

Encourage and support the school in the wellbeing and development of our children.
Assist parents in developing the skills they need to prepare their children for the future.

Our Vision

Work with school management to deepen the scope of collaboration.
Building and maintaining closer relationships with all Edgefield parents and PSG members.
Act as a feedback channel for parents to communicate with the school.

Our Roles

We collaborate with the school on projects (e.g. Racial Harmony Day, International Friendship Day etc.) that mold our future leaders with resilience and confidence with the skills they empower.

Message from EFSS PSG Executive Committee (EFSS PSG EXCO)

Dear Parents,

A warm welcome to Edgefield Secondary School!

EFSS PSG started out in 2014 when the school first took its baby steps to become what it is today.
We strongly believe that parents' involvement in their child's growing years by building a strong parent-child relationship, is a significant factor in a child's emotional and cognitive development.

Here is a look at how the PSG partners with the school:

1) Organise talks on various parenting issues,
2) Participate in bonding activities for our children,
3) Organise festive activities in school to create more awareness on the different cultures and their importance,
4) Participate in other school initiatives and/or collaborations.

We welcome you and/or your spouse to join our PSG family and volunteer your time and expertise!

Looking forward to another great year with the PSG community!


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More Information on EFSS PSG

Our Code of Ethics


√ Be enthusiastic about caring, sharing and learning.
√ Be warm, friendly, and courteous at all times.
√ Be dependable and responsible for our scheduled times. Notify the Chairperson / Event Coordinator early, if you are unable to commit to an agreed parent volunteering event in school.
√ Give constructive feedback for school improvement through the PSG EXCO. Criticism of the professional staff, students, other parents and programs is inappropriate.
√ Be open-minded and flexible. Personal feelings should not interfere with work.
√ Encourage other parents to be a member of the PSG.


√ Protect the teachers’, students’ and other parents’ right to privacy. Do not disclose school or personal matters which have come to our attention.
√ Discuss area(s) of concern with the PSG EXCO.