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Parents Support Group

PHOTO-2019-06-03-06-11-52.jpgOur Mission, Vision and Roles

Our Mission
  • Encourage and support the school in the wellbeing and development of our children
  • Assist parents in developing the skills they need to prepare their children for the future

Our Vision
  • Work closer with school management to deepen scope of collaborations
  • Focus on building and maintaining closer relationships with all Edgefield parents and PSG members
  • Act as a feedback channel for parents to communicate with PSG Executive Committee first, should any issue arise

Our Roles
  • We collaborate with the school on projects (e.g. IFD/RHD etc.) that help in developing the next generation of future leaders
  • We connect and enable parents to learn and grow holistically together as parents with our children

Message from Chairperson

My journey as an EFSS PSG member started in 2016, when I registered as a PSG Member and started volunteering when my daughter was a Secondary 1 student.

In April 2016, merely 4 months into volunteering in EFSS PSG, I was invited to sit in at the EFSS PSG EXCO’s Meeting. In July 2016, I was nominated into the EFSS PSG EXCO, together with only a few other active Year 1-2 PSG parent volunteers at that time. I was voted in as the new Chairperson, tasked to build a new 2nd EFSS PSG EXCO team, to lead and sustain the parent support network on my own accord.

The initial stage of leadership was not a smooth sailing journey. I approached new Year 1 parents (whose children has just joined EFSS) to build close rapport with them on a personal level every year. At the same time, I maintained close contact with existing PSG Members, to look out for like-minded and passionate parents who wanted to contribute actively to the PSG community. 

Friendship and camaraderie soon blossomed. More parents joined as PSG members, and I enlisted more talented parents to form the 2nd PSG EXCO team.

Being actively involved in leading an EXCO team of 10-12 parents, planning and coordinating every PSG-led school events, and hosting 4 PSG Quarterly Meetings yearly, for the past 3 years, has given me the opportunity to build up my proficiency in my soft skills in supervisory leadership, public speaking and presentation skills. This has also indirectly benefitted me in my career, as I am a working parent.

As my child progresses into Secondary 4 in 2019, it will be my 4th and last year to lead the EFSS PSG EXCO. I will continue to excel and strengthen the structure of the PSG community in EFSS.

It is my sincere wish, and I do urge more parents to come forward to join PSG, to be more aware of the benefits of being a PSG member. Come and personally experience, what it is like to work with other like-minded and equally passionate parents who will work together as a team; building strong bonds with the school, students and international pool of parents in the PSG community.

I look forward to an enriching 2019 ahead!

Michelle OW YEONG
EFSS PSG Executive Committee
(2016 - 2019)

Our Involvement!

Further Information on PSG


Our PSG Executive Committee (2019)

Chairperson: Michelle Ow Yeong

Secretary: Shirali Zosa

Treasurer: Lynn Wong

Fathers Club Coordinators: Zaldy Zosa

                                                Maturi Mahendranath

IT / Website Administrator: Ernest Chan

Executive Members: Samantha Ng
                                      Madeline Mamala
                                      Audrey TingPicture2.png
                                      Susan Lee
                                      Eunice Long


EFSS PSG started out in 2014 when the school first took its baby steps to become what it is today.
During term time, the PSG EXCO Team collaborated with the school to organise various school events, such as Chinese New Year Celebration, International Friendship Day, and Racial Harmony Day, just to name a few.

The purpose is to provide opportunities for parents to volunteer their time and expertise to facilitate activities in school, and at the same time, build strong bonds with other parent volunteers, their children, other students, and the school teaching community.


Our Code of Ethics
√ Be enthusiastic about caring, sharing and learning.
√ Be warm, friendly, and courteous at all times.
√ Be dependable and responsible for our scheduled times. Notify the Chairperson / Event Coordinator early, if you are unable to commit to an agreed parent volunteering event in school.
√ Give constructive feedback for school improvement through the PSG EXCO. Criticism of the professional staff, students, other parents and programs is inappropriate.
√ Be open-minded and flexible. Personal feelings should not interfere with work.
√ Encourage other parents to be a member of the PSG.
√ Protect the teachers’, students’ and other parents’ right to privacy. Do not disclose school or personal matters which have come to our attention.
√ Discuss area(s) of concern with the PSG EXCO.
√ Be responsible for maintaining an attitude of mutual respect and confidence.
√ Be familiar with school policies and practices.
√ Although the job is voluntary, the commitment is professional.

EFSS PSG Fathers Club Picture3.png

In 2017, we introduced our PSG Fathers Club. We strongly believe that both parents involvement in their child’s growing years is a significant factor in a child’s emotional and cognitive development.
In the first year of formation, we shared parenting and fathering resources with the Fathers in the Club. We also participated in the School’s Total Defence Day Celebration, where some male teachers and father representatives don their military uniforms, and shared their stories on defending Singapore via National Service.

In 2018, we explore out and was invited to participate in a few external events. In April, we send a few fathers to attend the Dads@School Forum. In September 2018, we were invited and participated in the “Dads@NorthEast Connects”, an external activity organised by Centre for Fathering - Dads For Life. In October 2018, we organised and conducted our inaugural activity - “Sushi Challenge”. Both activities turned out to be great enjoyable bonding sessions for parents and students alike.

Upcoming PSG Events

July 2019
Racial Harmony Day Celebrations
– Monday 22nd July, morning

September 2019

3rd PSG Quarterly Meeting
– Wednesday 4th Sep, evening (TBC)
October 2019
Fathers Club / PSG Family Bonding Activity
– Saturday 19th October (timing TBC)

Deepavali Celebration
- Friday 25th October, morning

December 2019

Sec 1 Registration Exercise (2020 Intake)
- 3rd Week of December (date TBC)