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VIA Projects

"The Year 3 VIA Projects give students the chance to work with like-minded peers in making a positive impact on a beneficiary that they have chosen and have conducted research on. To date, our students have engaged with a wide range of beneficiary organisations including St Luke’s ElderCare, ACRES, Beyond Social Services and Punggol West Residents’ Network.

(3EV students' Instagram page to raise awareness of poverty in Singapore)

(3EL students interacting with seniors)

Student Reflection
Jedi Ang, 3EC
"We truly felt like we were helping people and not doing it for the sake of doing it while putting the action plan together. While doing it, we felt better as we knew that what we were doing was really helping the people with autism."

Shah Dubies, 3EH
"It was a rewarding experience to engage and interact with the elderly. Even though we were quite new to the experience, the seniors were supportive and cheerful throughout the session which really helped elevate the atmosphere."