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VIA@Home gives Year 1 students the opportunity to develop empathy for their family members. Through empathy mapping, students consider their family’s needs through the perspective of a family member of their choice. Students are then encouraged to pledge some time to meet those identified needs.

(Student's artefacts for VIA@Home)

(Student's artefacts for VIA@Home)

Student Reflections
Lok Yong Ming, 1EV 2022
“The empathy map made me realise that I don't know that much about how my mother views things. I used to think that I knew my family's views on different things very well but now I know that I don't."

 Achyut Pradhan, 1EM 2022
“This project has really given me an opportunity to go off the beaten track and try something new for once, all the while helping me view my family from a different perspective.”

 Janet Lee, 1EL 2022
“I managed to help my mother with more chores through this project. I was happy with my progress as my mother really did appreciate it, though I could have done more if I did have some extra time.”