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Compassionate Leaders In Action

The Compassionate Leaders in Action (CLIA) programme seeks to develop students to be knowledgeable in matters close to their heart and also, to be passionately courageous in making a difference to their community.

Through the EDGE problem-solving framework of “Engage, Discover, Go implement, Evaluate”, learning experiences across various school programmes are intentionally designed in a way to develop 21st century competencies needed for Edgefielders to be active and concerned citizens.


EngageLearning experiences aim to expose students to pertinent community and social issues to heighten awareness of local, national and global challenges.
Discover  Learning experiences aim to give students the chance to conduct research, through site visits, interviews and readings, to deepend understanding of ground needs and solutions before developing a relevant action plan.
 Go ImplementLearning experiences aim to enable students to make a positive impact on their chosen community issue by exercuting their own action plan. 
 Evaluate Learning experiences aim to allow students to reflect on their character, actions and impact on their community.


VIA@HomeVIA@Home gives Year 1 students the opportunity to develop empathy for their family members. Through empathy mapping, students consider their family's needs through the perspective of a family member of their choice. Students are then encouraged to pledge some time to meet those identified needs.
 VIA@CommunityVIA@Community gives Year 2 students the chance to develop the skill of running a fundraising campaign for a class-chosen beneficiary organisation through the Giving.Sg website. Students undergo site visits to better understand how global challenges are contextualised in a local community setting before they conduct the fundraising campaign. 
 VIA ProjectsThe Year 3 VIA Projects give students the chance to work with like-minded peers in making a positive impact on a beneficiary that they have chosen and have conducted research on. To date, our students have engaged with a wide range of beneficiary organisations including St. Luke's ElderCare, ACRES, Beyond Social Services and Punggol West Residents' Network.
VIA RoadshowThe VIA Roadshow gives Edgefielders the chance to learn from their graduating seniors about their projects, while learning more about the local community issues from knowledgeable others in various domains such as Energy and Sustainability, Diverse Society, Food & Health, Climate Change, and Security.
Student-initiated VIA ActivitesIn a bid to encourage student ownership and autonomy, students have the chance to initiate their own VIA activities by highlighting their intention to do so with their teachers. Guidance is provided for these students to further encourage them to develop empathy and compassion for others through their leadership.