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Applied Learning Programme

Applied Learning Programme

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) of the school, G.E.M <Growing the Entrepreneurial Mindset> programme aims to develop Edgefielders with capabilities that prepare them for the future in view of rapid global changes.

From honing skills and competencies in critical and inventive thinking skills, collaborative skills, to advanced life skills such as alertness-to-opportunity, to bouncing back from failures, G.E.M equips our students with advanced problem-solving skills to become Entre/Intrapreneur in line with the school’s vision of nurturing “Collaborative Innovators, Compassionate Leaders”.  


The G.E.M programme has been thoughtfully designed after taking into consideration the insights and perspectives of future trends taken from both global and local sources of intelligence such as the World Economic Forum and Institute of Policy Studies (Singapore). 


Through our signature Year 1 and Year 2 Future Ready Programme (FRP), all students will leverage the technology they use in their daily lives in a multi-disciplinary approach to solve real-world problems and benefit the community.

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As part of the programme in Year 1, students would be given a choice to choose from eight or more elective modules across four themes that allow students to explore their interest and learn specialised skills in an authentic setting. The skills and expertise that they learnt from the elective modules will be needed as they work together to tackle one of the 5 Future Scenarios that students in the Year 2 FRP Programme.


To bring together a more authentic experience for the students, the school has also tapped on the network’s expertises and established a strong partnership with pathfinders and external organisations to develop the programmes that better cater to their students’ diverse aptitudes and interests.


G.E.M culminates in ARTasFEST, a milestone carnival attracting more than 5000 participants. Students apply their skills that they learnt to design their own Escape Room, collaborate with entrepreneurs, run your own pop-up store, concoct their favourite drinks, host Instagram marketing campaigns, acquire deep learning as they organise the carnival on their own! 

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So what are you waiting for? Join us in this exciting journey of wonderment to discover your strengths and interests as you apply the knowledge and skills gained from the ALP curriculum to tackle future challenges today!