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Applied Learning Programme

The school’s mission “Growing Mind, Glowing Hearts” encapsulates the school’s objectives of producing Passionate Innovators and Compassionate Leaders with strong academic rigour grounded in solid values.

Edgefield Curriculum has been enhanced and streamlined to provide students with extra EDGE to succeed in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world with the implementation of a 3-year G.E.M. <Growing the Entrepreneurial Mindset> programme. The Edgefield student will be able to develop Entrepreneurial Traits like Resilience, Alertness-to-Opportunity, Creativity, Passion, Confidence and Empathy.

Student outcomes

  • Nurturing Passionate Innovators who are able to translate problems into opportunities.
  • Nurturing Compassionate Leaders who are anchored on values

The G.E.M. Programme

The G.E.M. programme had seamlessly integrated the existing signature school programmes with ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) programme in nurturing creativity, alertness-to-opportunity, risk taking, uniqueness, confidence & empathy.

G.E.M. adopts a 3-tiered approach in our programme designs, with CBL (Challenge-based Learning) as a school-wide process to nurture Entrepreneurial Mindset in students:

There are 3 sparkles of GEM

Sparkle 1: Infusion into curriculum

  • CBL lessons for Lower Sec
  • Use of CBL approach for Y3 VIA
–           Apple Education Programme for Year 1

–           ACE Programme for Year 1 to 3

  • Mapping of Humanities’ Inquiry-based Learning processes and D&T Design Thinking processes to CBL processes

Sparkle 2: Enrichment Programmes

  • Programmes offering differentiated authentic learning experiences for segments of students

Sparkle 3: Talent/Interest Group

  • Providing platforms for talent/interested students to apply what they’ve learnt to stretch their potential


Key Programmes

G.E.M. Programmes are progressive in nature, with signature programmes equipping students with skills, allowing students to experiment and explore, working towards every student a Passionate Innovator and a Compassionate Leader.

Year 1 – Nurture the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Year 2 – Acquire and develop entrepreneurial skills

Year 3 – Apply entrepreneurial skills and mindset