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    • Modern Dance

      Applied Learning Programme

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      "This programme has made me curious about how I can tackle the issues we face in the real world, to make life better for everyone else. In light of COVID-19, my group and I still managed to have virtual discussions and although we had to manage the challenges of staying home and not meeting physically, we managed to complete the project successfully. I felt that the group was creative and adaptable even as we faced different challenges. I am now keener to learn about how we can make our solution a permanent one and how we can continue to improve on our solution. My team and I should continue to ensure that our solution is effective even if the project is already over. I am looking forward to more of such experiences in the future."

      Ho Hsien Hong Zenon
      Year 1 Everest, 2020

      "My confidence and communication skills have been further developed through this programme. I have learnt how to work with different types of people. Normally if I were able to choose my group, I would choose my close friends because it would be easier for me to share my thoughts. However, for this project, I had to work with different teammates and had to learn how to be comfortable around them and share my ideas. The COVID-19 situation was a challenge to overcome. We could no longer meet up with each other to discuss and it made it harder to communicate at first. After some time, we got used to it and I found it easier because I could processs my thoughts in a more relaxed way which led me to better solutions. Now, I can use this new skill when I meet new people even outside of school. The Future Ready Programme also made me curious about what I can do to help the world change for the better. Not everyone has to do something big like starting an organisation. Small efforts are just as important. I can educate people whom I know. My learning can definitely help me in the future for other projects or even in my future career."

      Alvarez Zion Abuel
      Year 1 Euler, 2020

    • Modern Dance

      Learning for Life Programme

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      "When I first joined Edgefield Secondary School, I initially thought that Taekwondo would be somewhat like a Physical Education lesson. However, after attending several other lessons, I realised that Taekwondo is not just a lesson about physical abilities, it also teaches us different values such as diligence, respect, while at the same time helping us train our physical fitness and keeping us fit.

      Diligence is also necessary when attending Taekwondo lessons as we have to constantly remember to bring our doboks and dress properly for the session. It is also needed when learning our patterns as we have to constantly try and never give up even when faced with setbacks."

      Yee Ngai Fong
      Year 1 Eisenhower, 2020

      "Taekwondo may seem like just a simple sport but in actual fact, I’ve grown a lot through my three years learning the sport. I’ve learnt to respect my coaches, teachers and friends. I’ve also learnt to be resilient, self-disciplined and to put in my best effort in everything I do. When I entered the school, it was my first experience learning Taekwondo. After three years of doing the gradings, I joined the competitions and finally earned a Black Belt. This is really a huge accomplishment for me."

      Lim Li Ting
      Year 3 Eliot, 2020

      “In the Edgefield Taekwondo (TKD) Programme, as with any sport, we learn technical skills and do strength and conditioning training. All these training sessions helped me to build muscles and also provided strengthening to prevent any injuries. More importantly, the TKD programme introduced me to life-long lessons. The discipline I learnt has given me a head start to train in the National team. EFSS TKD has taught me self-defence and also built my confidence to showcase my talent in overseas competitions and overseas training. The physical and mental strength that I have  learnt in this programme gives me the determination to stretch myself and achieve my goals for the upcoming international competitions and challenges in life.” 

      Diyanah Aqidah Binte Muhammad Dian Khudhairi
      Graduating Class of 2015
      ASEAN and SEA Games athlete

    • Modern Dance


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    • I think that the Apple Education Programme helped us to learn more about the IT world and raise awareness of cyber threats. I really enjoyed the classes and the teachers were really kind.  Most importantly the activities were interesting and taught us new skills. I really miss the lessons and hope that we can experience more of these non-academic programmes. 

      Orlando (1EC)

    • In my experience with Edgefield Secondary's Apple Education Programme (AEP), I can say that the programme has been very useful. It has taught me a lot on how to use Apple products, such as iMac and iPads, and their basic functions and apps. 

      As a secondary 1 student, I was taught on how to use ‘iMovie’, which is a handy video editing programme that can be used for project work. We created a short video clip as a tryout and discovered many tools and functions that the app had to offer. 

      Other than learning how to use Apple products, we also learnt about Gmail and Google Classroom, which are apps that are often used in our school. We also had lessons on Cyberwellness and online safety so that we can protect ourselves when using social media, and create a safe environment online for everyone.

      To conclude, the programme has been highly beneficial as the skills and knowledge taught can be used for lessons in school and in the future. I would also use “fun” to describe the programme as we had many opportunities for hands-on experiences during the lessons.

      Ysabelle (1EC)