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Student Leadership

Edgefield Secondary School aims to nurture Edgefield students as Compassionate Leaders with the Five Minds while will Lead, Care and Inspire. The school believes that all students have the potential to be leaders through the provision of platforms and opportunities to develop and exhibit leadership skills in a supportive learning environment.

The school has adopted The Leadership Challenge model, designed by Kouzes and Posner, as the foundation for our leadership programme, in which five key leadership practices are identified, and aligned to the Desired Outcomes of the 21st Century Competencies Framework and the school values.


A three-prong IDEAR Approach is used in the development of leadership skills in Edgefield students.

The IDEAR Approach consist of:

  • (I)dentify
  • All student to identify their personal strengths, areas of improvement and leadership styles.
  • (D)evelopment & (E)xposure
  • Provision of platform and leadership opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills.
  • (A)chievement & (R)ecognition
  • To provide avenues to recognise students’ personal leadership growth and development as an individual.

The school is committed in developing individuals grounded by strong values such as Compassion, Moral Courage, Sincerity and Honour who actively contributes back to community. This is achieved through the provision of level wide leadership modules and leadership platforms in their lower secondary school years, equipping students with the necessary soft skills needed to achieve self and peer leadership.

Compassionate Leadership

In the uncertain world of tomorrow, where conflicts are premised upon several potential fault lines, empathy and compassion becomes even more important qualities that a leader must possess to effectively address and even to prevent these fault lines. Seeing their importance, we have built in platforms and opportunities for our students to be exposed to different perspectives and experiences. Through the participation in Values-in-action projects…students will apply these soft skills learnt, working with their peers to contribute to the community.