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In 2019, our students continue to share what they have read during the Morning Assembly Book sharing segment. Students use creative ways to engage the student population such as using role-play and animation.

Sharing by VP Mr Tan on the Importance of Reading (Photos below)

VP Mr Tan shared with students on the importance of reading in Semester Two during the morning assembly. He exhorted Edgefielders to read widely on different genres. He also encouraged the students to read from the wide collection of books in the school library. 

VP Mr Tan shared READ@Edgefield with staff from Ju Ying Secondary School on 15 August 2019 (Photos below)

VP Mr Tan shared READ@Edgefield to our visitors from Sekolah Menengah Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam (SM SMJA) on 4 July 2019 (Photos below)


 VP Mr Tan recited a poem entitled “I wander lonely as a Sinkeh” during the morning assembly on 18 April 2019. The poem was written by him. VP Mr Tan also underscored the importance of acquiring the competencies in the English Language for effective spoken and written communication.

Vice Principal Mr Tan Chai Hok, Mdm Peng Lirui, Mr Chong Yaw Sheng, Mdm Zhang Lixin, Mr 'Ammar, Mr Alphonsus Liang and Mr Edward Gan shared READ@Edgefield and JOURNALISM@Edgefield with staff of Damai Primary School (SLs, KPs and teachers) on 5 April 2019

Vice Principal Mr Tan Chai Hok shared READ@Edgefield with personnel (P, VP, KPs and teachers) from St Patrick's School on 5 March 2019

2019 4EV 4EL Book Sharing - Asian Literature

Paper Presentations at International Conferences

Staff of Edgefield Secondary School have presented papers on the school’s Reading Programme as well as on language development.Please click here for the information.

VP Mr Tan’s Essays

VP Mr Tan continues to share his essays with staff and students. Please click the link to read the essays.


VP Mr Tan wrote this article to encourage the students to read and write effectively. Please read article attached.

Sharing of Best Practices at Reading Symposium on 1 November 2018

Vice Principal Mr Tan and Mr Shasikumaran, HOD/ICT shared best practices on the school's READ programme at the National Reading Symposium organised by CPPD, MOE on 1 November 2018.

Reading Committee Sharing of Best Practices

Sharing of READ@Edgefield

Vice Principal Mr Tan shared Edgefield's Reading Programme with VP and key personnel from Yio Chu Kang Secondary School on 20 September 2018.

2018 Reading Presentations@Edgefield

Visit to School Library & Sharing on READ@Edgefield

Personnel from CPPD, MOE visited EFSS on 29 August 2018 and visited the school library. VP Mr Tan also shared READ@Edgefield to the personnel from MOE.

Sharing of READ@Edgefield at Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) on 31 July 2018

Mdm Tan Yih Tyan, HOD/English shared READ @ Edgefield with teachers attending the 96 hours Professional Learning Programme at AST on 31 July 2018.


Sharing of READ@Edgefield at the IPod, National Library Board (NLB) on 30 and 31 July 2018

Vice Principal, Mr Tan shared on READ@Edgefield at the Information Sessions at NLB on 30 and 31 July 2018

Sharing at N3 EL PLLD

VP Mr Tan facilitated the session on Creative Thinking at the N3 EL PLLD Meeting. At the meeting, VP Mr Tan and Mdm Tan Yih Tyan, HOD/EL shared on how story telling was infused in the English lessons.


Sharing of READ@Edgefield on 23 July 2018

Vice Principal Mr Tan shared READ@Edgefield to LEPI (Leaders in Education Programme International) participants from National Institute of Education (NIE) on 23 July 2018. This was followed by a Question and Answer session. Please click on slides

3EC 3EV Book Sharing

Sharing by Mdm Tan Yih Tyan

Mdm Tan Yih Tyan shared on READ@Edgefield with graduate students who are currently taking the MAE902 course: Language Acquisition Studies on 10 April 2018 at the National Institute of Education.

Mdm Tan sharing.jpg

Sharing of Edgefield’s Reading Programme

VP, Mr. Tan & Mdm Tan Yih Tyan, HOD/EL shared on Edgefield’s Reading Programme with EL teachers from Meridian Secondary School on 23rd November 2017.

Presentation of Paper at 4th World Reading Congress in Japan

Madam Tan Yih Tyan, HOD/EL presented a paper on Edgefield’s Reading Programme at the 4th World reading Congress in Japan (4th August to 9th August 2017).

Mdm Tan@Paper Conference.jpg

3EC Book Sharing – "Love or something like it" 


Visit by Educators from China

Educators from China visited Edgefield Secondary School on 26.7.2017. After the welcome by Mr Lee, Principal, Ms Juliawaty Tje spoke to the educators on the school programme and this was followed by the school visit. VP Mr Tan also spoke to the educators on reading at Edgefield.

Edgefield Secondary School’s Reading Programme is featured in SingTeach Issue 58. 

Please click here to read the full article.


Vice Principal’s Writing

The Vice Principal (Mr Tan) also supports the programme by contributing articles and his own writing.

The title of the essay, “ Experiences in Being Resolute”.  Please click here.

Book sharing 5EM & 5EH

For the Love of Reading

A compilation of Best Practices in Singapore Schools. Edgefield Secondary School was featured in this book published by the National Library Board (pp 92-97)


Singlit Flash Book Review Contest for Students

Edgefield Secondary School Reading Programme Photo Leaflet

Reading Presentation@Edgefield

Reading Excellence Award Ceremony

Book Sharing@Edgefield

The Open Book Sharing during assembly aims to create awareness of the various books students can borrow from the EFSS school library and motivate students to read widely. From the sharing, students can also gain insight into the writer’s world and learn to appreciate a wide genre of books.

Vice Principal Mr Tan sharing best practices on Read Programme at Edgefield Secondary School


Ms Charmaine Tan (NLB Librarian) Conducting a Wicked Reads workshop in class


Edgefield Secondary School’s Participation in SME50 celebrating the collaboration of 50 Schools with 50 SMES

Pic6_Read.jpg  Pic5_Read.jpg Pic4_Read.jpg

Edgefield National Chinese Cultural Camp 2016

Edgefield Secondary School’s Mother Tongue Department co-organised the National Chinese Cultural Camp with the Singapore Literature Society (新加坡文艺协会), to promote reading of the great literary works of the four Chinese Classics.

The keynote speakers included local film director Mr Royston Tan and Media veteran personality Mr Zhuang Yong Kang.

Above: Roystan Tan's sharing on the memories and culture of Singapore’s iconic scenes and scripting of short stories.
Above: Zhuang Yong Kan's sharing on the "Historical Development of 'Journey to the West'"

The day camp also included a National Chinese Literary Competition 2016. Participants from more than 10 Secondary Schools competed and submitted a commentary essay on the theme , “The Journey to the West.”