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Prime Time @Edgefield

Prime Time@ Edgefield – Engaging our students on Current Affairs and Contemporary Issues

As part of our commitment towards the holistic development of our students, the Humanities Department in Edgefield Secondary School launched our own Prime Time@ Edgefield Programme in 2018. The Humanities Department’s Signature Programme” Prime Time at Edgefield” centres on engaging students in current affairs and contemporary issues. The programme pulls together topics relevant to the three disciplines in the Humanities Department – Geography, History and Social Studies. The signature programme comprises various key activities that expose students to current affairs and engages them in a critical inquiry of contemporary issues.

Prime Time@ Edgefield is spearheaded by the students with a target audience of Year 1 to 5 students. This segment comprises student presenters taking ownership of one to two news features each term and presenting it in a creative and engaging way. The student presenters present different perspectives to an issue; thereby exposing the student population to broader perspectives and helping them reach balanced conclusions about various issues concerning the country and beyond.

Prime Time@ Edgefield Committee

Mr Lee Peck Ping – Principal

Mr Tan Chai Hok – Vice Principal (Advisor)

Mr Ng Kok Wah

Mr Arman Alluwie

Mr Darren Woo

Prime Time@ Edgefield Sharing (22 Jan 2018)

The student presenters provided an overview of Prime Time@ Edgefield. The aim was to give the whole cohort a better understanding what is entailed in this programme.


Prime Time@ Edgefield Sharing (5 Feb 2018)

This sharing was on the coastal security of Singapore. The aim was to create awareness in the students as well as to inform them of how to respond when they are faced with this issue.


Prime Time@ Edgefield Sharing (2 April 2018)

This sharing was on the migrant workers in Singapore. The students had a learning journey to the dormitories of the migrant workers and conducted interviews on their lifestyle and challenges they faced in Singapore. The aim was to create empathy for the migrant workers and help them in social integration.


Prime Time@ Edgefield Sharing (16 April 2018)

This sharing was about the need for conservation. The students shared about some buildings that could be found in the Tampines Heritage Trail and the benefits of conservation in Singapore.


Prime Time@ Edgefield Sharing (16 April 2018) – Model United Nations during Assembly

This sharing was conducted during the assembly. These students who took part in the Model United Nations conferences in 2018 shared their experiences. They also re-enacted a Model United Nations Cabinet discussion.  The aim was to create awareness in the students on the issues that were discussed in this conference and thereby developing them to become concerned citizens of Singapore.

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