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Media Literacy

Edgefield Reading Program

Edgefield is a proud partner of the National Library Board. We are an active participant of NLB’s Read@Schools programmes, which offer a wide selection of activities to increase our students’ love and confidence for reading and to equip them with skills such as creative and critical writing. Under this umbrella, Students are also given opportunities to participate in various Values in Action programmes and competitions.

This year, as part of Read@Schools, our year 2 readers will be participating in Reaper Tales, an overnight horror themed camp designed to increase awareness and critical reviewing of the horror genre.

A select group of year 2 and 3 students will also be taking part in SG50, a long term project in honour and celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday next year. Two groups of students will be venturing out to gain a first hand experience of what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Singapore.

In addition to Read@Schools, Edgefield also has a specially designed internal reading program for the students. Infused into the curriculum, our internal reading program is both intensive and extensive in nature, in order to increase our students breadth and depth of knowledge and skills.

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Principal, Mr Leong Kok Kee presenting prizes to the students

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Vice Principal, Mr Tan Chai Hok presenting prizes to the students.
Our students project on the Development of Hawker Centres can also be found in the SG50 HOME e-book.

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