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Language Arts

Language Arts Overview
The language arts curriculum is design for lower secondary students to be exposed to different art forms. The four art forms under this curriculum is speech and drama, storytelling, puppetry and film appreciation.

The language arts curriculum is infused into the curriculum to help enhance confidence in speaking, creative art making (during puppetry making) and critical reflection.

Speech and Drama Programme
The sec 1 students went through an 8-week Speech and Drama Programme in Term 1 where they learnt the basic elements of drama in preparation for a performance in the Evening Of Drama held yearly in Edgefield Secondary.

The students were engaged in drama games that instilled a spirit of teamwork, critical thinking and creativity. One such game that were played is called Tableau, also known as freeze frames.

Storytelling Programme
In Term 2, the Sec 1 students went through a 6-week Storytelling Programme where they were introduced to elements of storytelling and were introduced to local writers such as our own ex-President SR Nathan, actress Jeanette Aw and Yixian Quek.

Students did activities such as story-mapping and hot-seating to explore the characters from the stories discussed during lesson.

Puppetry Programme
Term 3 puppetry programme is a compliment to Term 2鈥檚 storytelling as Sec 1s students start their journey in creating their own characters and their own storyline from scratch. They were introduced to the different types of puppetry and how each puppetry art is related to its own specific culture.

Students began on a journey to create their own puppet theatre and puppets from scratch using mainly recycled materials such as cardboard boxes and ice cream sticks. After the whole puppet-making process was completed, they had a puppet show for their peers.

Malay Puppetry (Wayang Kulit) Programme

Every year, the Year 1 Malay Language cohort participated in a Wayang Kulit Workshop as one of the Mother Tongue Language Fortnight (MTLF) activities. The objective of the workshop is to introduce and expose them to a form of Malay traditional arts performance. The students will participate in a step by step instructions of creating a puppet.  At the end of the 1 hour 30 minutes session, they are expected to know the steps well so that they can create the puppets of the characters that they have chosen from their reading texts.


Film Appreciation Programme
As a summary to the Sec 1 Language Arts programme, the Sec 1s were taught to analyse movie storylines and characters by watching movie snippets from a variety of genres. They were taught to write movie reviews.

Arts Theater Production - "1965 Geylang Serai"

12 Malay Language students went to Wisma Geylang Serai to watch a local musical production entitled “1965 Geylang Serai”. The objective of the show is to expose the Malay Language students to creative arts performance, appreciate the classical Malay language and understand the past experiences of the Geylang Serai residents. The musical show showcased songs from the old genre such as Pop Yeh Yeh and showed an old setting of Geylang Serai.  The students enjoyed the humour, Pop Yeh Yeh songs and storyline of the whole musical, which lasted for 45 minutes. Most importantly, they learnt about the value of unity and the culture of gotong royong among the occupants of Geylang Serai during post-war period.

Xinyao Appreciation Performance

On 27 Feb 2019, Edgefield Secondary School was privileged to host the first Xinyao appreciation show “新空下”. The 新空下National Schools Xinyao Singing and Songwriting competition 2019 was organised by the “Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) Culture Group”, to ignite students’ passion in Chinese Language learning and to preserve our cultural heritage.

Students were treated with performances of various Xinyao Songs and local compositions, which dated back in the 1970s to the present.  Our Vice-Principal Mr Tan Chai Hok, was very sporting to sing to the lyrics of one of the all-time favourite Xinyao Songs 我们这一班which won resounding applause from the student audience.  

After the session, one of our students even expressed interest to start songwriting and shared how he has benefitted from the programme.