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Conversational Chinese & Malay Classes & 3rd Language Classes

Year 1
Choice of Chinese and Malay Language
Students to indicate choice of Third Language for Year 2

Year 2
Sec 2 students are to take up a 3rd language which are either basic conversational Japanese, Korean or French in Term 3 for 8 sessions (8 hours). Through learning of the 3rd language students will:

  1. Appreciate the diversity of other ethnic groups and understand their unique culture and language.
  2. Able to communicate, make social engagement and build positive relationships with the ethnic group.
  3. Know that the 3rd Language that they are learning will benefit them in the future, e.g. in working life.
  4. Realize the importance of respecting other cultures.

At the end of the 8th session, students will obtain certificate of participation.