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Arts Education@EFSS

Our school provides Edgefielders opportunities to engage with and appreciate the Arts. Various platforms include live performances by performing arts groups, learning journeys and hands-on experiences.

Live Assembly Programme with MICappella

With the new norm of keeping to safe management measures this year, our school thought of creative ways to engage the students in the Arts.

On 21st August 2020, Edgefield Secondary School had the honour of having MICappella join our live Assembly Programme.


Using the video conferencing platform, Zoom, students were able to watch the local idols perform their renditions of National Day songs, learn about Xinyao, and Vocal Percussion.



The Zoom platform also allowed the band members of MICappella to perform, sing and interact with the students even though they were not physically on-site.


Students took the opportunity to ask the singers how to care for their voices and what creativity meant. It was indeed an insightful experience to be able to hear first-hand from performers themselves.  


Through this positive experience, students were not only engaged and enjoyed themselves, they also learned more about the Arts. 


Malay Puppetry Programme and Workshop 2020

Our Sec 1 students were introduced to regional classic stories in their Malay Language lessons to enhance their understanding of culture and heritage. As an extension of the programme, they participated in a Wayang Kulit workshop towards the end of the year. They got to learn about the history and characteristics of Wayang Kulit, had some hands-on activities, and enjoyed a showcase of live performance.

ML puppty.jpg



Chinese Puppetry Appreciation and Reading Programme 2020

Our Sec 1 students were introduced to the Chinese classic Journey to The West as part of their holiday reading materials. We had selected different versions of the book to meet the learning needs of students in different courses. As an introduction to the programme, we invited renowned local theatre company The Fingers Players and Esplanade to live-stream their puppetry performance Treasures from the Dragon Palace. As part of the programme, the artistic director also conducted a simple puppetry workshop and demonstrated various hand movements.

CL Puepet.jpg

Performance at Seng Kang Hospital

Our Performing Arts CCAs, Harmonica and Concert Band performed at the Seng Kang Hospital on 1 November 2019. In addition, students from Drama CCA and Art Club visited the wards and interacted with the patients. (photos below)

Arts Performance - Xinyao Appreciation Performance

On 27 Feb 2019, Edgefield Secondary School was privileged to host the first Xinyao appreciation show “新空下”. The 新空下 National Schools Xinyao Singing and Songwriting competition 2019 was organised by the “Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) Culture Group”, to ignite students’ passion in Chinese Language learning and to preserve our cultural heritage. Students were treated with performances of various Xinyao Songs and local compositions, which dated back in the 1970s to the present. Our Vice-Principal, Mr Tan Chai Hok, was very sporting to sing to the lyrics of one of the all-time favourite Xinyao Song “ 我们这一班”, which won resounding applause from the student audience. After the session, one of our students even expressed interest to start songwriting and shared how he has benefited from the programme.   

 “新空下”全国学生新谣歌唱比赛在 2 月 27 日在育德中学展开首场音乐分享会,希望通过演出激 发学生对新谣的兴趣。弹唱人新生代歌手昨为育德中学为中一中二生演唱 10 多首新谣,如《新加坡派》、浪漫情歌《邂逅》、新谣金曲《星空下》等名作。我们的陈副校长也即兴在场哼出几句新谣歌曲《我们这一班》,赢得全场学生的喝彩。 虽然学生听众看似对新谣不太熟悉,但演出的最后一首歌《细水长流》引起不少共鸣,也有学生起劲地跟着唱。

Keppel Nights!

Edgefield Secondary School is honoured to be one of the partnering school with Keppel Corporation for students to attend Keppel Nights - a programme to give students access to world-class performances at the Esplanade Theatre. This year, Edgefield Secondary School brought 20 students to the Esplanade Theatre to catch a Mandarin performance titled "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark". For many of the students, it was their maiden experience to be exposed to Mandarin theatre performance! 


Arts Theatre Production - 1965: Geylang Serai


12 Malay Language students went to Wisma Geylang Serai to watch a local musical production entitled “1965 Geylang Serai”. The objective of the show is to expose the Malay Language students to creative arts performance, appreciate the classical Malay language and understand the past experiences of the Geylang Serai residents. 

The musical show showcased songs from the old genre such as Pop Yeh Yeh and acted an old setting of Geylang Serai. The students enjoyed the humour, Pop Yeh songs and storyline of the whole musical, which lasted for 45 minutes. Most importantly, they learnt about the value of unity and the culture of gotong royong among the occupants of Geylang Serai during post-war period. 

12 pelajar Bahasa Melayu telah diundang oleh Wisma Geylang Serai untuk menonton persembahan musikal bertajuk 1965: Geylang Serai. Objektif persembahan tersebut adalah untuk mendedahkan para pelajar Bahasa Melayu kepada seni persembahan kreatif, menghargai Bahasa Melayu Klasik dan juga untuk memahami pengalaman lama para penduduk Geylang Serai. 

Persembahan muzikal tersebut memaparkan genre lagu lama seperti Pop Yeh dan menggambarkan suasana Geylang Serai pada masa lampau. Para pelajar berasa teruja dan seronok menonton persembahan yang diiringi dengan senda gurau, lagu-lagu Pop Yeh serta jalan cerita pementasan yang berlangsung selama 45 minit, Yang paling penting, mereka mempelajari tentang nilai perpaduan dan budaya gotong royong yang diamalkan oleh penduduk-penduduk Geylang Serai selepas pos-peperangan.

Malay Puppetry (Wayang Kulit) Workshop


Introduce and expose students to a form of Malay traditional arts performance. 

                                                        The students participated in a workshop, where they followed a series of steps to create puppets!


Two crosstalk performers presented a wonderful performance to all sec 2 students studying Chinese Language on 5 March 2019. The performance was entitled “Laughing Out Loud in School”. The two performers brought laughter to students and also helped them to develop more interest in Chinese language and culture.


Opening Ceremony for 2019 World Book Day & Literature Under the Sky

Singapore Conference Hall  

Our students attending the 2019 World Book Day and Literature Under the April Sky Event.


Festive Drum Performance for Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) International Conference 2018 

Festive Drum CCA performed at National Institute of Education for the Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) International Conference 2018 on the 12 November. 

Aesthetics Assembly Programmes

Each year, arts groups are brought in during the assembly slots to expose students to a variety of art forms. Here are some pictures from the programmes we have brought in.

Voices in Harmony 2018

Our choristers performed 2 songs and participated in the group presentation on 25th Aug 2018 at Goodman Arts Centre



Modern Dance performing for the Shanghai Principal Roundtable Conference on the 27 March 2018 at IJC 1


The artworks titled “MY NATION, MY HOME”

As part of the Academy of Singapore Teacher’s (AST) initiative to recognise students’ good effort and to instil in them a sense of pride for their contributions, various students’ art works has been selected and displayed at the Malan Road campus as a platform to showcase the artworks to the many course participants who attend training here.

We are honoured to have 2 artworks by our students selected for display. The artworks titled “MY NATION, MY HOME” (First photo, by: Freda Ong (1EV), Crystal Lim (1EV), Karille (1EU), Ng Jing Yao (1ED), Nurusfi (2EH)) and “OUR LITTLE RED DOT STORIES” (Second photo, by: Tung Ru Jing (3EU), Amadia (3EC), Nurin Diyanah (3EC), Effa Irdina (3EH), Quek Yu Tong (4EM) ) will be displayed at the Malan Campus for a period of 1 year. These artworks were created for the SYF 2018 Art Exhibition which provided students with opportunities to showcase their creative ideas, aspirations and artistic expressions. The students have created artworks to inspire positive changes in the community, in response to the theme ‘Artist and Citizenship’.


Super 24 Dance Competition

Edgefield Secondary School is one of the 14 finalists and the competition was held at OCBC Arena on 4 August 2018


The Singapore International Band Festival (SIBF) 2018

The Singapore International Band Festival (SIBF) was held on  27 July 2018.  SIBF is a biennial festival that was started in 2008 by the Wind Bands Association of Singapore. Since 2008, SIBF has built a reputation as an international stage in Asia that provides the developmental opportunity for bands and upholds high artistic integrity in its adjudication.

Through SIBF  bands from all over the world will be brought together in Singapore for an exchange of musical ideas and ideals, where musicians of all ages would be encouraged to continuously learn and strive towards excellence at their own pace. Concert Band members participated in SIBF 2018 and obtained the Bronze Award.


SYF 2018 Illuminate! @ USQ

SYF 2018 Illuminate! @ USQ is a public arts performance organised by Arts Education Branch, MOE to showcase performing arts in schools. Our school’s Festive Drum CCA performed on the 30 June for Illuminate! @ United Square


Soul Passion Arts Fest – Event Slides

LJ to Esplanade on 24 May 2018

National Day Observance Ceremony 2016@Edgefield Secondary School

EFSS Public Arts Presentation, 15 April 2016

Community Mural Painting Project

Voices of Singapore Chorale Festival 2018


The 50 member-strong Edgefield Choir performed at the Voices of Singapore Chorale Festival on 12 March 2018. This festival was organised as a collaboration between DariusMusic, CHIJMES, Venture Music Asia Ltd. and Voices of Asia International. The performance was carried out at CHIJMES Hall and involved our Secondary 1 to 4 students.


MURAL 2.jpg

Mural 3.jpg