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    • Modern Dance

      Arts Programme

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    • “Since I first laid eyes on a book, I have always had a passion for writing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Literature classes and writing essays in English lessons. Through these lessons and numerous competitions I participated in, I have learnt to better appreciate other people’s works while also improving mine. The whole writing process encourages me to think critically and logically while artfully piecing my ideas together, which I find immense satisfaction in. I believe that a good command of the languages will lay a strong foundation for learning other subjects and allow us to communicate our ideas effectively. It is my dream to become a professional writer in the future so that I can inspire others with my words and impart my love for Language and Literature.”
    • Teffania Clarissa Anabel
      Graduating Class of 2019

    • Modern Dance

      Overseas Immersion

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    • "Being part of the school twinning programme with Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam Secondary School (SMSMJA) was amazing and had a huge impact on me. It has opened my eyes to the many different cultures, traditions of Brunei citizens. SMSMJA’s learning environment for their students was quite an eye-opener for me as although there are quite a few differences, their education system has some similarities to our education system at the same time. 

      From my experience, SMSMJA students usually take down notes in their notebooks for their lessons instead of using textbooks although they have them. They also conduct their assembly out in the open square and have all the classes stand outside surrounding the square to listen to the assembly. Hospitable and warm in their treatment towards us, they also took us on a spin around Brunei, showing us countless amazing sights. One such place is Kampong Ayer, one of the many water kampongs in Brunei where we visited the Penghulu house. The Penghulu house is filled with pictures of many important people who have also visited the Penghulu house while in Brunei. There they also showed us how to make ambuyat (the national dish of Brunei).

      SMSMJA also took us to visit the Royal Regalia Museum which was huge, elegant, grand and contains immense information on the history of Brunei. There, we were sent on a small quest with our buddies to learn about Brunei’s past which included the great sultans of the past and how their government worked in the past. 

      Back in SMSMJA , we were given a school tour around the whole school. SMSMJA is huge and even has a huge block for Science. During the tour, we learned many things about SMSMJA such as their schedules, how their classes worked and some of their rules and regulations. We also learned about some of Brunei’s traditional games such as Congkak and Pasang. 

      One of the most significant events during this trip to me was the Tree Planting event that took place in SMSMJA. It was important to me as the Brazilian Longan tree was planted with the effort between students of both schools, be it the knowledge or physical labour in planting one and it also signified the cooperation of both our schools In the school twinning event.

      At the end of the trip, I was extremely sad as over the few days, we had bonded with our buddies in Brunei and would be leaving soon. However, this experience has left a good impact on me. It opened and exposed my eyes to culture, tradition and environment so different from Singapore and Edgefield. This experience will remain unforgettable in my heart and also proves that friendship can go beyond borders."

      Bee XiuFen, 2 Einstein, 2018

    • Modern Dance

      Student Leadership

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    • "From serving in the Prefectorial Board, I have learnt more about leadership; how to lead my peers and juniors, work in teams, resolve conflicts, and being confident. These soft skills empower me to face future scenarios when working with others, be it within the classroom walls or beyond.

      Other than leadership skills, being a student leader has also taught me to have self-discipline, empathy, and responsibility. Throughout my years in the Prefectorial board, I have enjoyed collaborating with other student leaders from CCAs and classes to work on school-based projects and events, harnessing the power of teamwork and cooperation. These opportunities have helped to grow my character and become a more relatable and trustworthy person to my peers.

      I’ve also learnt the importance of being adaptable as it helps me to respond quickly and be resilient regardless of the challenges I face. I believe these skills and values will empower me for the dynamic and volatile world ahead."

      Sean Koh
      Year 3 Eliot, 2020

      "Over the past three years, the Prefectorial Board has equipped me with not only stronger leadership skills but also important soft skills like effective communication. This platform has provided me with many opportunities to hone my leadership skills and confidence as I step out of my comfort zone These transferable skills allow me to navigate my way in new unfamiliar situations with greater confidence. I have also learnt the importance of values like perseverance and humility, as we pressed on despite the challenges faced while running the events, and remaining humble when we achieved success. 

      I have learnt to inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, and to encourage the heart so that others also can have confidence in me to lead the Board to greater heights. Putting these in action, my team and I organised many student-led events and activities such as our school’s annual book drive, ‘Love the Preloved’, and our online engagement with students, ‘EDGEline’, during the Full Home Based Learning period. I strongly believe that these skills will enable me to continue being not only a capable leader but also a supportive team member in all my future endeavours."

      Noelle Leow
      Year 3 Eliot, 2020