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      Language Development

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      When the Year 2 students were given the opportunity to learn a foreign language, I was excited to choose the various options that were given to us. The learning of foreign language or Third Language Programme in EFSS is an open door to not just the learning of the language but also understanding the culture, people and how the society functions. I was spoilt for choices between Korean, Japanese and French languages. Without thinking much, I chose French language because I know it is not an easy language to learn and I take it as a challenge.

      I truly enjoy the 8 sessions of French class, thanks to my instructor as he taught the language in a fun and engaging manner. With the basic conversational skills that I learnt, I am now prepared to convince my parents to bring me to France for vacation! After all, we need to practise speaking a language, isn’t it?!

      Mohamad Zikry, 2EC, participant, 2018

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      Overseas Immersion

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    • Being part of the school twinning programme with Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam Secondary School (SMSMJA) was amazing and had a huge impact on me. It has opened my eyes to the many different cultures, traditions of Brunei citizens. SMSMJA’s learning environment for their students was quite an eye-opener for me as although there are quite a few differences, their education system has some similarities to our education system at the same time. 

      From my experience, SMSMJA students usually take down notes in their notebooks for their lessons instead of using textbooks although they have them. They also conduct their assembly out in the open square and have all the classes stand outside surrounding the square to listen to the assembly. Hospitable and warm in their treatment towards us, they also took us on a spin around Brunei, showing us countless amazing sights. One such place is Kampong Ayer, one of the many water kampongs in Brunei where we visited the Penghulu house. The Penghulu house is filled with pictures of many important people who have also visited the Penghulu house while in Brunei. There they also showed us how to make ambuyat (the national dish of Brunei).

      SMSMJA also took us to visit the Royal Regalia Museum which was huge, elegant, grand and contains immense information on the history of Brunei. There, we were sent on a small quest with our buddies to learn about Brunei’s past which included the great sultans of the past and how their government worked in the past. 

      Back in SMSMJA , we were given a school tour around the whole school. SMSMJA is huge and even has a huge block for Science. During the tour, we learned many things about SMSMJA such as their schedules, how their classes worked and some of their rules and regulations. We also learned about some of Brunei’s traditional games such as Congkak and Pasang. 

      One of the most significant events during this trip to me was the Tree Planting event that took place in SMSMJA. It was important to me as the Brazilian Longan tree was planted with the effort between students of both schools, be it the knowledge or physical labour in planting one and it also signified the cooperation of both our schools In the school twinning event.

      At the end of the trip, I was extremely sad as over the few days, we had bonded with our buddies in Brunei and would be leaving soon. However, this experience has left a good impact on me. It opened and exposed my eyes to culture, tradition and environment so different from Singapore and Edgefield. This experience will remain unforgettable in my heart and also proves that friendship can go beyond borders.

      Bee XiuFen, 2 Einstein, 2018

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      Student Leadership

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    • If I were to describe my experience as an Advocate, I would say; it's like a fantasy. My "adventure" first started when I was recognised by my Humanities teacher, who gave me the chance to be an Advocate. Majority of what we do in Advocates are student initiated, most commonly student advocacy events for raising awareness. We were also given the opportunity to conduct our very own "Ted Talk" on the ‘hidden and invisible’, where we talked about groups in society who are less noticed and helped raise awareness on the difficulties these groups face and how we could help them. Being in Advocates help me grow as a person in more ways than one. With values like empathy and compassion cultivated in me, I have really improved as a person and as a leader. The skills I have picked up from planning and hosting events are really useful in helping my studies because now, I can make a more efficient study plan. The time I have spent in Advocates was a really good investment, not only because of what I have gained, but also because I find the events we do really meaningful and am looking forward to what the future may hold for us Advocates. A small group of passionate, bubbly leaders who have bigger hearts than their bodies.
    • Jves Tan, 3EC, Senior Prefect 2018

      Being a leader is not about being perfect. Here in Edgefield, we believe in nurturing “Collaborative Innovators, Compassionate Leaders”. I have been in the Prefectorial Board for three years now. Having said that, serving the school as a leader is not easy. In Prefectorial Board, we believe in “first to  servel, then to lead.” During the last June Holidays, the Executive Committee of the Prefectorial Board came together to organise a 2D1N Leadership Camp for the Secondary One Role Model nominees. Being the Camp Commandant was an eye opening experience for me. It felt like a roller coaster ride during the preparations. We had to come back to school over the holidays just to structure and firm up the entire camp programme flow. Besides that, with the help of my Assistant Camp Commandants, we were able to split up the work and get work done faster. Not forgetting the other Prefects, who never failed to lend a  helping hand whenever they saw that we needed help. Thankfully, the Leadership Camp went well and everyone enjoyed themselves! I was glad that even the prefects had a great time because we rarely have bonding sessions together. I was very proud and thankful for the effort and sacrifices that they have put in just to make our very first student initiated Leadership Camp a successful one.

      With this, I hope that we would have such camps in the future whereby we can include the whole Prefectorial Board Family in too! Thus, I feel that being together with a family full of leaders holds a special place in my heart. “Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better” -Bill Bradley

      Nur Syarafina Bte Mohammad, 3EH, Class Liaison Head 2018

      I had always wanted to lead and inspire others since primary school. However, I had many obstacles to achieve this dream. I was shy, introverted and solitary. However, when I joined the prefectorial board in Edgefield in Year 1, I immediately felt welcomed by the board. The seniors would always ensure that I was never left out and encouraged me constantly whenever I stepped up to lead. In doing so, they became my role models. 

      Over the years, I also experienced many eye-opening leadership opportunities. From something as simple as giving out flyers for a blood donation drive, to actually organising the Induction of Students for the incoming Year 1s as one of the four Overall-In-Charge. Those experiences pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to conquer my fears. In the many leadership camps, I had to learn to motivate and work with many other people to ensure everything went smoothly. As an OIC, I grew to appreciate the people behind-the-scenes, and adapted to think on my feet when unexpected situations occurred, which more often than not, they do. As a candidate in Hustings, I developed my public speaking skills and because of that even worked up the courage to participate in a debate in which our team won in. Now, as an EXCO member, I felt the burden and joy of seeing that my juniors under me grew to reach their fullest potential in the prefectorial board.

      Of course, leadership is never an easy road, but I did not regret taking this path. It has taught me many life lessons that textbooks cannot, and allowed me to become who I am today. I know that I would still carry these precious values and lessons close to my heart even after I graduate from the school.

      Teffania Clarissa Anabel, 3EV, Student