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Wushu offers students many fitness benefits, such as improvements in strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and body awareness. The sports also emphasize on the temperament and mental attitude aspects which helps the students to gow into a more self-disciplined, resilient and confident individual.

The trainings are designed to nurture students’ moral values and mental toughness through innovative and interactive routines. Occasional students' led team-building and VIA activities provide a platform for them to showcase and explore further interests and strengths beyond Wushu.

Highlights / Achievements

14th SSSC National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2018
B Division Boys (International Spear) - Aloysious See Cheng Wee, 3rd

Teachers in Charge

Mr Alan Teo BH
Ms Joanne Lee

Training Days                   Training Time

Wednesday                                          3.30 - 6.00pm 

Friday                                                     2.30 - 5.00pm 


Indoor Sports Hall (ISH)