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Volleyball (Boys)

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Volleyball instills within its members an acute awareness of effective teamwork. The players undergo physical skills training that also increases their fitness levels, and also the soft skills of communication, and the values of resoluteness and perseverance. The CCA hopes to cultivate the “Disciplined Mind” through its rigorous training in the physical and mental domains of the players.

Highlights / Achievements

National School Games North Zone Volleyball Championship
B Division Boys - Top 4 Semi-Finalist

Teachers in Charge

Ms Siow Ay Lian 
Mr Tay Guo Kwang

Student Leaders

Akif Bin Mohamed Zailan, 3EC (Overall Captain) 
Ng Zhixuan, 3EV (Overall Vice-Captain)
Tan Keon, 2EM (C-Division Captain)
Xavier Lim Jun Xi, 2EC (Vice-Captain)
Ervin Lim Kai Jie, 2ES (Vice-Captain)

Training Days                            Training Time

Monday                                     3.30 - 6.30pm

Thursday                                   3.30 - 6.30pm


Indoor Sports Hall (ISH)