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National Inter-schools Taekwondo Championship
National Poomsae Competition

National Kyorugi Competition

Character Attribute of CCA

The CCA hopes to cultivate a “Respectful Mind” in the students through the learning of Taekwondo.

Strategy or Benefits of CCA

Taekwondo contributes not only to the development of physical and mental well-being, but also to the cultivation of desirable values such as tolerance, self-discipline, respect and the learning of self-defence techniques.

Achievements / Competitions

2016 National Interschool ‘C’ Division Male Poomsae: 3rd
2016 National Interschool ‘C’ Division Female Poomsae: 4th

2016 National Interschool ‘B’ Division Male Poomsae: 4th

Teacher in Charge

Mr Ng Kai Jun

Mr Jeffrey Nah

Student Leaders

Captain: Ng Wenxin

Vice-captain: Ng Kai Loon

Training Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays  3.30pm to 6.00pm