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Modern Dance



Modern Dance not only cultivates the physical development of the students, it also trains them to be disciplined and enhances the cultivation of values such as teamwork, respect and confidence. Under the Edgefield Modern Dance programme, dancers are exposed to not only contemporary dance forms, but also the popular genre, Hip Hop. This form of of physical activity is very much suited for the youths as they have boundless energy and, through dance, will have an avenue to express themselves. The CCA also hopes to cultivate a “Disciplined Mind” in the students through learning different forms of dance.

Highlights / Achievements

Singapore Youth Festival 2021

SYF Goes Online! Singapore Youth Festival Celebrations DanceVerve 2020

Singapore Youth Festival 2019

Singapore Youth Festival 2017

Teachers in Charge

Mdm Sharifah 
Mdm Nurul Huda 
Mdm Siti Zam Zam

Training Days                        Training Time

Monday                                  3.30 - 5.30pm

Wednesday                           3.30 - 5.30pm


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