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Edgefield Harmonica Band was established in 2012 to allow students with little or no musical background in music to enjoy, appreciate and develop an intrinsic love for music. The CCA hopes to cultivate a “Disciplined Mind” in students by instilling in them the self-discipline to ensure they practise regularly on their harmonica to hone their skills in presenting quality music.

Under the coaching of Ms He Hui Teng, conductor of Spresso Harmonica Ensemble, Edgefield Harmonica Band strives to reach greater heights in musical expression and appreciation. Other than various harmonica instruments such as chromatic, tenor, chord and bass harmonica, the band also explores different instruments such as the drum, keyboard and cajon to perform rich repertoires ranging from classical pieces, popular music pieces and movie soundtracks. 

Besides cultivating members’ musical talents, the band also visited various welfare organisations such as Nursing Homes and Community Care services to engage their beneficiaries in musical performances and interaction.

Highlights / Achievements

Singapore Youth Festival 2021

A Song For Our Unsung Hero 2020

Singapore Youth Festival 2019

Musica En Vivo IV 2019

Singapore Youth Festival 2017

Teachers in Charge

Mdm Serene Lim
Ms Aidah

Training Days                            Training Time

Monday                                     3.30 – 5.30pm

Wednesday                              3.30 – 5.30pm


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2ES and 2ED classroom