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Concert Band



Concert Band CCA offers students the opportunity to make music and grow together as one. In Secondary One, each student will be assigned to a section where they will learn the basics of an instrument and develop their musical expertise. From woodwind instruments like the flute and clarinet to the indispensable brass instruments, there is something for everyone. Through the training sessions, students forge camaraderie and develop valuable friendships. The CCA reinforces the skills of cooperation which are among the qualities most highly valued in school, business and industry. It is a group effort which focuses on group goals and the completion of those goals in each and every rehearsal and performance.

Highlights / Achievements

Singapore Youth Festival 2021

Singapore Youth Festival 2019

Soul Passion Arts Festival 2018

Singapore International Bands Festival 2018

Bi-cultural Exchange Programme with La Salle College 2017

Singapore Youth Festival 2017

Teachers in Charge

Mr Jermain Cho 
Ms Joanna Neo 
Mr Seow Tzer Yeun

Training Days                            Training Time

Wednesdays                            4.00 - 6.00pm

Fridays                                       2.00 - 5.00pm


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