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Singapore Youth Festival
Performed at the Singapore Youth Festival and received Certificate of Distinction, 2015

Choral Exchange
Participated in a SYF Choral Exchange at CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent, 2015

Choir Enrichment Programmes
Choir members attended a Master class workshop. Meet the Maestro Singoff, conducted by internationally renowned choirmasters Arwin Tan and Jude Bautista Roldan, 2015

Values in Action
Blood donation Drive Pamphlet Distribution in collaboration with Punggol Vista Community Centre, 2015

Major School Events
CCA Carnival, 2015

Speech Day, 2015

Character Attribute of CCA

Joining choir will give you that regular opportunity to sing different kinds of music, and get to be around others who share your interest in music. Making music with a group of schoolmates, will give you just the balance you need between practicing alone at home and singing with a group.

Strategy or Benefits of CCA

Choir reinforces the skills of cooperation which ar eamong the qualities most highly valued in school, business and industry. It is a group effort which focuses on group goals and the completion of those goals in each and every rehearsal and performance.

The following details some of the benefits you gain from singing with a choir.

You discover how to listen carefully.
You discover how to monitor your sound based on how it feels.
You get an opportunity to work on your ear.
You get a chance to work on your social skills.
You get to travel with the choir.

You can work on reducing your performance anxiety by singing with a group.

Achievements / Competitions

Singapore Youth Festival 2017: Accomplishment
ABRSM Initial Choral Singing 2018: Passed with Distinction
Singapore Youth Festival 2019: Accomplishment

Teachers in Charge

Ms Andrea Lim
Mrs Grace Lewis
Mr Toh Siong Keong

Training Schedule

All levels
Monday: 4 to 6 pm
Wednesday: 4 to 6 pm

Venue: Computer Lab 2