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Thinker's Society


Edgefield Thinkers will have the opportunities to apply creative problem-solving skills and divergent thinking in the Odyssey of the Mind Competition ( In addition, our Thinkers will also have the opportunities to apply critical thinking skills and convergent thinking in the Future Problem Solving Program Competition (

Character Attribute of CCA 

Thinkers’ Society aims to nurture and develop Edgefield Thinkers as servant leaders who can think critically and creatively when it comes to solving self-identified real world issues. Our Thinkers are expected to live up to the CCA Motto ‘Think, Lead, Serve’. During the preparation for competitions, our Thinkers will also learn the importance of teamwork, respect for each other’s ideas and self-confidence during role-playing.

Strategy or Benefits of CCA 

Thinkers’ Society will teach Edgefield Thinkers how to think but not what to think, which is in line with the 21st century competencies of critical and inventive thinking. Our Thinkers will learn creative thinking skills for generation of ideas and critical thinking skills for judgement of ideas. In addition, our Thinkers will learn the SCAMPER technique for brainstorming and a 6-steps problem solving process.


Achievements / Competitions 

Odyssey of the Mind National Finals 2018 - 1st Runner Up (Qualify for World Finals)

Teacher in Charge 

Mr Toh Siong Keong
Mr Seow Tzer Yeun

Mdm Chong Wen Ee

Training Schedule

Days: Monday and Thursday
Time: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm
Venue: Eureka Room