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Robotics Club


Our students learn the basics of building and programming miniature robots using LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 under the instructions of a capable robotics trainer. Other exposure and curriculums included programming and operating drones. Students who have the potential to excel will be selected to take part in national competitions and will undergo further intensive training so that they can achieve excellence during the national competitions.

Edgefield Robotics Club strives to empower our students to have the passion to excel in building and programming miniature robots to take part in national competitions. With these activities in place, our students will be able to develop team spirit, leadership skills and event organizing skills.

Highlights / Achievements

National Robopreneur Carnival 2018 - Programmable Drone Award Champion and 1st Runner Up.

First Lego League

National Robopreneur Carnival (NRPC)

National Robotics Competition

Teachers In Charge 

Mr Addie Siew
Mr Edward Gan

Training Schedule                Training Time

Wednesday                             3.30 - 5.30pm

Friday                                      2.30 - 4.30pm


Classroom #02-55