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New Media Club


The New Media Club focuses on providing AV management, photography, and videography for school events while teaching members related knowledge and skills in areas such as video production, photo editing and other relevant skills.
Members will learn how to operate AV equipment which are essential in the daily operations of the school while supporting in school assemblies and the wide variety programs and activities organized in Edgefield. Through training sessions (on-the-job training and actual experience), members will gain proficiency in setting up of AV equipment in different venues for events. Members will be able to acquire leadership and communication skills in coordinating the events.

Edgefield New Media Club strives to empower our members to have the passion to excel in providing reliable AV support for the day to day AV operations of our school.  With these activities in place, the members will be able to develop team spirit, leadership skills, event organizing skills and equipment-related technical skills.
The members will also be trained in the handling of DSLR cameras, basic photography and videography techniques, and post-production of their works through editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and iMovie.

Highlights / Achievements

Dex Ngiam Chao Yi
Canon Photomarathon 2017
1st in Student Category
Theme: Tilt

Jayden Ong Yi Feng
Canon Photomarathon 2018
3rd in Student Category
Theme: Solitude

Teachers in Charge 

Mr Ng Teck Yeong
Mr Wang Yueming

Training Days                           Training TIme

Wednesday                              3.30 - 5.30pm

Friday                                         2.30 - 4.30pm


Computer Lab 4