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Entrepreneur Club



The Entrepreneur Club (E-Club) guides its members how to be responsible, committed and creative in their decision-making for the CCA. Students each undergo unique and hands-on experiences. 

Students will learn basic business skills such as accounting, financial planning, business proposal writing, business presentation, making a sales pitch and business marketing. Professional trainers are also engaged to run workshops and courses, sharing invaluable experiences that add value to students' learning.
The E-Club teaches its students the reality of business management, of the struggles and joys it holds. Here, students are completely independent, and have to learn how to run a shop on their own, organise and operate ad-hoc sales on push-carts in the school compound. With guidance from their seniors, students achieve crucial business practices, such as stock taking, how to use a cash register and other relevant skills.

Highlights / Achievements

Participation in Youth Innovation Challenge

Business opportunities within and outside of school

Teachers In Charge 

Mr Peter Ong 
Ms Juliawaty
Mr Jimmy Lim

Training Days                            Training Time

Wednesday                              3.30 - 5.30pm 

Friday                                         2.30 – 4.30pm


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