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    • Modern Dance

      Art Club

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    • Joining the Art Club CCA has helped me in refining my drawing, brainstorming, and cooperation skills. By contributing to events such as the school's ARTasFEST or Teacher's Day, the CCA members are given opportunities to design things like logos and cards. In addition, we participate in competitions like the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). These activities have become learning experiences for me as I broadened my abilities and worked on improving my skills.

      As a member of the Art Club, looking out for one another, striving to do better, and completing work are some of my topmost priorities. This inculcates the values of compassion, resilience and responsibility in me, and lets me mature as a young adult.

      Coming to CCA every week has made me find joy in work and feel more passionate about art. Some of the many things I enjoy would be our visits to exhibits, meeting Art Club students from other schools, and supporting various communities through art.

      I hope to pursue a career in visual communications, which requires experience in various areas in art. I believe that with the skills and knowledge I have gained from my CCA, I will be able to continue my journey with the arts in different ways.

      Anisha Vinata Widyawati Rachman,
      Year 3 Eliot, Vice President 2020
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      Entrepreneur Club

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    • Ever since I joined the Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club), there has not been a day when I stopped learning. My CCA members and I participate in various competitions to learn about entrepreneurship. We learn how to pitch our ideas in front of an audience, work with people and apply business marketing skills in specific scenarios.

      In this CCA, we learn many different values like perseverance towards our main goal, having a vision to guide us and exercising bravery in pursuing opportunities. There are many things that I enjoy in this journey, but my favourite is definitely interacting with my fellow CCA members as we venture into learning new areas. All that I have learnt would benefit my future whether in society, at home and at work. Being in this CCA has taught me how to better communicate with the people around me. It has also broadened my creativity for creating new solutions to problems occurring in the world we live in.

      I'd certainly want to join a course similar to E-Club in the future and would love to see myself as a young entrepreneur!

      Lee Ee Qian,
      Year 3 Emerson, President, 2020
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      New Media Club

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    • New Media Club enables us to learn both technical and soft skills required in Audio Visual management. Learning the ins and outs of managing an event requires us to be proficient in operating the various equipment and in communicating well with each other. The CCA also gives us plenty of opportunities to partake in school events to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

      Not only that, we can hone our photography and videography skills through our participation in competitions each year. We are encouraged to use our creativity to come up with interesting photos and videos that fit the theme of the competition. We also learn to work together in team competitions.

      The CCA also takes us to places such as Gardens by The Bay where we took photos of the plants and enjoyed friendly competitions with each other. Such experiences give us all a chance to bond together and get to know one another better.

      The photography and videography technical skills as well as the AV management skills would come in handy when we choose related courses in our Post-secondary journey. One key skill that we have picked up in this CCA is that of leadership and teamwork. By managing and leading school events, we can be prepared to take on a leadership role in the future and learn to work under pressure. Working with each other allows us to learn to work with others and will definitely be useful when we are in a team-based workspace.

      Jasmine Lim Hui Min
      Year 3 Everest, Vice President, 2020
    • Modern Dance

      Thinker's Society

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    • In the Thinkers’ Society, I enjoy working with people, despite sometimes having differing personalities and viewpoints, we strive to complete a common goal together. This allows me to expand my thinking and be more open-minded.

      I have also developed values such as commitment and leadership. Despite a busy schedule across the year, I have learnt how to stay committed to both my CCA and studies to ensure that I strike a good balance between the two. As President of the CCA, I have learnt how to motivate my members to give their best especially when they feel discouraged from setbacks.

      I have become more adaptable when faced with new situations because I was spurred to step out of my comfort zone on many occasions. Such skills and values will greatly benefit me when I encounter obstacles in my future education and workplace.

      Alisa Goh Cai Xuan
      Year 3 Einstein, President, 2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • I have always loved aeroplanes and everything about aviation. When I was younger, I was always either googling or reading articles to better my knowledge on planes. Placing SYFC as my first choice for my CCA was definitely a no-brainer.
    • During the CCA interview in Year 1, I expressed about my love for all things aviation. I was elated when I found out that my application to join SYFC was approved. This is where the passion really started to become a reality as I was able to learn hands-on about building model airplanes.

      In Year Two, I requested to join the SYFC Special Interest Group (SIG) to learn more advanced aeromodelling skills. This was when I learnt to build and fly even more complex model airplanes. With the extra set of skills that I picked up from SIG, I began to have more confidence in my abilities as an aeromodeller. After having spent so much time researching on the best airplane designs, it was very satisfying to see my completed model airplanes fly well for competitions.  
    • Being a CCA leader made me realise that apart from leading my peers in weekly sessions, I also need to exemplify the crucial qualities of determination and staying focused. It has certainly been a roller coaster ride but I will constantly look for ways to improve myself so that I can be a better leader. 
    • Adrian Song Yue En, 3EA, Chairperson, 2016-2018
    • Modern Dance

      Robotics Club

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    • Being in Robotics, I have improved in my coding skills, especially in python. Our CCA has exposed me to different kinds of coding languages and provided coding courses that have helped me understand how coding works and the various ways I can apply these skills to real-world situations.

      When I was in primary school, I had no experience in leadership and was not very sociable. However, after joining Robotics, my teachers and friends have created opportunities to help me grow and develop leadership and strengthen my social relationship. This is where I get to interact with my friends and hone my communication skills.

      One thing I really enjoy being in Robotics is the trust from my teachers in learning through experimenting. We are able to express ourselves freely and learn from any challenges we face together in a team. The friendly environment in Robotics helps all of us to support each other and it is almost like my second family. The friendship I have with my friends and teachers makes my journey in Robotics memorable.

      The skills and values inculcated to me have made me more interested in the world of technology, and I would be interested in pursuing a closely related career. Robotics has certainly taught me to have a growth mindset and that anything is possible. I will always carry this belief in me no matter what I do.

      Lim Jing Siong Orlando
      Year 3 Euclid, Member, 2020

Performing Arts

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    • Being a member of the choir has given me an opportunity to challenge myself and face my fears such as stage fright. Although I had past experiences being in the choir, there were still many things about choir yet for me to discover. With the patient guidance from my instructor, teachers and seniors, I have been able to pick up many techniques to improve my singing.

      I have gained much confidence through the different opportunities to perform. For example, during the annual Chinese New Year school performance, I slowly overcame stage fright as the choir had to perform in front of the whole school. This has also given me a platform to learn from how I can improve future performances.

      As a member of the CCA, I really enjoy the opportunities when all the choir members are able to come together and harmonise. Being the President of Choir has given me the experience to organise activities and to learn how to lead by example. I believe that by being both a member and a leader, I've grown to be a better and more understanding person.

      Leong Zhun Ling Jodie
      Year 3 Euler, Member, 2020
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      Concert Band

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    • I have learnt many skills from being in the Concert Band. These skills include playing a new instrument and having a deeper understanding of music.

      Being in the Band has taught me important values like responsibility and teamwork as I would not be able to play a nice piece of music without other members of the band. I have also learnt to be confident, especially when performing.

      I have definitely enjoyed making new friends in the Band. The teachers and conductors are very patient and friendly. The people in Band definitely help to make each practice fun and enjoyable. I would most definitely consider joining a band again in the future or even pursue my passion for music and learn music at a higher level.

      Jin Zixuan, David
      Year 3 Eliot, Member, 2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • As my first choice of CCA, being in ELDDS has been a very fulfilling and meaningful learning experience for me. ELDDS has given me many opportunities to open up and be comfortable on stage and to be who am I today.

      As a CCA leader, I was taught to play a key role in guiding the whole CCA . When making decisions or handling situations on the spot, I would have to be display mental and emotional strength for the good of my members.

      Through this CCA, I have grown to be a better person from the trust and the responsibility given to me by my drama instructors and teachers. Being a leader is not just a role but a way that has built my character and made me more confident and comfortable with myself.

      I will continue to do my best in the CCA to support my teachers, guide my juniors and grow my CCA more.

      Derrick Lam
      Year 3 Edison, President, 2020
    • Modern Dance

      Festive Drums

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    • I joined Festive Drums without much knowledge but as time passed, my interest for this CCA grew stronger as I started to enjoy every moment, realising it was alright to make mistakes so long as I learnt from them and improved. This love for drumming grew in me while I gained more experience on my drumming journey. Every second has been precious and enjoyable and whenever CCA sessions come to an end, I am always looking forward to the next session.

      I enjoy every moment I with my juniors and seniors and am really glad that they are a part of my journey. I really appreciate that I was given a chance to lead. It helped me grow further, not just in terms of values but also in terms of the ability to bond with my CCA members more.

      I do not regret selecting Festive Drums as one of my choices. This CCA has taught me teamwork, perseverance, responsibility and many other values. Over time, drumming has turned into a passion for me and it has never stopped growing. Our instructor is also always looking out for us, giving us feedback and helping us in many ways like teaching us different tactics in memorizing scores and refining the way we hold our drum sticks.

      Every performance is precious to me as we have watched each other grow from being anxious before the performance to developing confidence and achieving the sense of satisfaction after each performance. We have built a passionate team with strong synchronization and I’m really glad to be in this CCA.

      Daseryn Lui
      Year 3 Einstein, Member, 2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • Guzheng CCA taught me how to express my emotion through music. Each piece of music has its own background story. By playing the Guzheng in different pitches and tones, it allows me to express different emotions and to communicate with the audience through music.

      Being a member of Guzheng CCA has given me an opportunity to learn more about teamwork. It requires all members to work together, listen to different sections in order to give our best performance to the audience. This value has had helped me in various school projects as I know the importance of working with my teammates.

      I really enjoy the moments when all the sections of the CCA are able to synchronise and create beautiful melodies. I treasure the opportunity to be the Vice President of the Guzheng CCA. It is therefore my responsibility to care for other members and it has helped me to become a better leader.

      Ng Wenyu
      Year 3 Eliot, Vice President, 2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • Joining the Harmonica CCA has helped me learn how to read number scores. Prior to joining the CCA, I could only read the 6 line music scores. I can now read number scores easily. This is an important skill that I can bring with me after secondary school.

      I have learnt values such as responsibility and patience from this being in the harmonica band. I have to take responsibility for learning new songs so that I am able to play the songs during performances. I have also learnt to be patient when teaching my juniors and members in my section when learning new songs. I enjoy learning to play songs as it is very fun to be able to play a song together with the whole band! I think that performing as a band is the most enjoyable thing to do in the CCA.

      The skills and values I learn in the CCA will definitely be applicable to my tertiary education and maybe even the workforce. I would have to be responsible in my work and be able to collaborate well with my future colleagues.

      Nur Khairunnisa Binte Mohamed Khir
      Year 3 Euclid, President, 2020
    • Modern Dance

      Modern Dance

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    • As a CCA leader, I have learnt about interpersonal skills like being considerate, understanding, resilient and how to communicate well with team members. I help build stronger bonds among my team members and foster a close relationship with one another which is an important aspect in our CCA. Therefore it is important for a leader to be fun and approachable yet firm to ensure the team members are disciplined.

      We have improved in being more agile and precise in our dance steps and we enjoy learning choreography from our instructors who know how to inject fun yet are also firm about discipline. The skills learnt will help me be more confident and enable me to communicate better with people in the future. I will continue to contribute as much as I can to my fellow CCA members and teachers.

      Aqilah Qistina
      Year 3 Eliot, President, 2020

Uniformed Groups

    • Modern Dance

      Girl Guides

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    • I have learnt the importance of having discipline and compassionate leadership in Girl Guides.
    • Discipline plays a great role in forging a role model for the younger ones to follow along. Having discipline in Guiding is crucial as it allows me to practice self-consciousness in all that I do.
    •  As a Company Leader, I am forced to see things from a wider perspective and overcome challenges while still showing compassion towards my juniors. This allows me to respond to situations better and helps me understand my juniors better as well.

    • Ng Si Min
      Year 4 Eisenhower, Member, 2022
    • Modern Dance

      NPCC (Sea)

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    • My CCA has played a significant part in improving my leadership abilities. I initially didn't want a leadership role due to the huge responsibilities I would have to bear, but this opportunity has helped to improve my communication skills and my confidence in speaking to a large group. I've learnt that responsibility and teamwork are crucial to being a leader during my time in the CCA. Everyone needs to play a part to ensure things go smoothly, and with the help of my other CCA mates, I am able to cope with the tasks placed onto me. 

      I enjoy the campcraft sessions while the drill sessions, are more fast-paced. The campcraft sessions also allow me to work with my other CCA mates. The leadership skills that I have learnt can be useful in both a school setting and a workplace environment, where I would have to work together with others.

      Kriscilla Yong
      Year 3 Everest, Member, 2020
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    • I believe that my CCA helped me improve my confidence. I was a person who didn't consider myself as a leader. Having the opportunity to be a leader in my CCA has helped me improve in areas that I was weak in, such as addressing large groups.

      I have learnt that teamwork is quite an important quality. I am thankful for the support and co-operation of my teammate that have helped me cope with the responsibilities that were given to me. These skills and values that I have improved on have helped me to change the way I tackle a challenge or problem, and this has changed my personality in a good way. The soft skills that I have learnt and the basic fire safety knowledge that I have gained from the CCA will not be forgotten. I am also thankful for my teachers guiding us in our CCA.

      Sherman Leong Si Jun
      Year 3 Elias, Member, 2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • My experience in Scouts has been a fun and memorable one. Over the past few years, I’ve not only learnt values such as leadership and teamwork but also forged many memories through camps and exchange programmes. 
    • One memorable incident which I enjoyed the most was during the annual Cub Scout Leadership Camp that we organised in 2019. Through this experience, we had the opportunity to plan and lead a camp for over 200 Primary School Cub Scouts. We had to overcome many challenges and step out of our comfort zone to make decisions and communicate effectively with others.

      During my time in Scouts, I’ve seen our troop grow and excel. Our patrols have become more bonded through various scouting activities as well as our annual Job Week Camp in March.

      Lim Jun Hao Marc
      Year 3 Euclid, Member, 2020


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    • Each sport is more than a sport - it is an activity that teaches us the many important values of life. Badminton is one of them. Badminton not only teaches us skills in the sport but it helps us grow as a person. As for me, I have learnt the importance of integrity, self discipline, respect and more. By taking training seriously, respecting coaches and teammates, this CCA has benefited me a lot and I would not have become who I am now without it. I believe that both studies and CCA are equally as important. Thus, I have to manage my time there are challenges in managing both the physical training and school workload.

      My father has always told me ‘Take one step at a time, there is no rush.’ This is the one thing that has helped me push through my tough times and come out victorious. I have learnt that with enough determination and patience, you will find your light at the end of the tunnel.

      Gerard Seah
      Year 2 Boys, Captain, 2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • Basketball is a sport that requires not only physical presence but also mental tenacity in a player. After being in Edgefield Basketball for 3 years, I have grown to realise that Basketball is not just a game but a reflection of life on the hardwood court.

      Here in Edgefield Basketball, the teachers and coach work closely with all of us to ensure that we meet and achieve the different objectives set out for us. We learn about teamwork, communication, decision making, respect, self-discipline and tenacity.

      Being a Captain, I have learnt the value of responsibility and leadership. Through my teachers’ and coach’s advice, I have learnt to deal with difficult situations especially during competitions and have also learnt to manage my team’s motivation and attitude during training. I have learnt that I need to have a very good grasp of my time as it is divided between my academics and training.

      For the Girl’s Team, we beat many odds to reach the Top 4 in the Inter-Schools South Zone Basketball Tournament in 2019. While it was a pity this year’s competition was disrupted due to the pandemic, we have learnt not to give up and be adaptable. Instead, we have been focusing on training for next year’s competition where we know we can get back stronger, fitter and more prepared than ever.

      Being a part of the Edgefield Basketball team has allowed all of us to gain different life experiences that we can confidently bring forward to any aspect of our lives. People call basketball a sport but to all of us at Edgefield Basketball Team, it is our passion.

      Goh Jia Rui Ashley
      Year 3 Elias, Captain, 2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • I have learnt a lot during these 3 years in this CCA. I believe the biggest take away for from this CCA is learning that being a leader is not just about talking, giving commands or leading the team. It is more about being able to listen and understand the needs of my juniors, to empathize with them and work with them to make the CCA more fun and enjoyable.

      These 3 years have been really fun and meaningful. I am really thankful for teachers who help us along the way and am also really grateful for my teammates’ support. Being in this CCA has taught me a lot not just about the sport itself but about my morals and beliefs. Without a doubt, I will continue to give my best in this CCA.

      Max Tan
      Year 3 Einstein, Captain, 2020

    • Modern Dance

      Softball (Girls)

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    • Softball CCA has taught me many values which can be applied in my life. In this CCA, I have learnt to be more resilient and also to persevere no matter what. Physical training can be tiring as we need to do a lot of strength and stamina training. There are times where I did have thoughts of giving up, however, keeping in mind that I am a Captain, I have to persevere not only for my teammates but for myself as well to set an example for the team. Not only that, I have also learnt the importance of teamwork. Softball is a sport which requires 9 people on the field to play well and get the opposite team's runners out. If we do not have teamwork, it would be hard to accomplish anything. These values are really important and could be used in many areas of life. I am really thankful that the CCA has taught me so many great values that can be inculcated in my life.

      Training is fun with my juniors, seniors, coaches and teachers-in-charge. They make CCA much more fun and enjoyable for me. I am really grateful for all of them. Though some training sessions might be tough, I still have fun. Moreover, not only do learn many values through the CCA, I have also learnt to be a better leader. I remember when I was still a junior in Secondary 1, I was really quiet and I didn't really speak up much. After I was given the opportunity to become the captain, I realised if I didn’t speak up and be the voice that leads the team, I would be letting my team down. This made me step out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person. Although being a CCA leader is not easy, I'm glad I got the opportunity to lead and serve as it has helped me grow as a person. With that, I will continue to strive and do my best for the CCA.

      Lin Ying Xi
      Year 3 Eliot, Captain,2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • I enjoy being in Taekwondo as I am able to grow in multiple ways such as developing my leadership skills, learning values that help me along the way as I grow older, and developing a sense of camaraderie among my teammates. We learn to look out for one another, celebrate our successes and even work through failures together.

      Being in this CCA has taught me that time management and prioritisation is very important as I have to manage both my CCA and studies. I have also learnt many new skills that are essential for me in performing well during competitions, and have gained more knowledge in self-defense.

      My aspirations are to win more medals and perform well in competitions and make a huge contribution to the CCA. I want to inspire my juniors to do better. I hope that everyone will be able to achieve what their goals in this CCA, whether it’s their first time being a part of Taekwondo or if they are experienced. I hope that we will work together towards many great achievements in the near future!

      Dylan Tay
      Year 3 Euclid, Captain, 2020

    • Modern Dance

      Volleyball (Boys)

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    • Volleyball CCA has helped me improve on my basics in the sport. For example, as a libero, I have to improve my digging skills to receive and defend against opponent attacks. However, as a whole, I have learnt how to play volleyball competitively, ranging from improving my skills to knowing the rules well. This is something I would not have never expected to learn when I joined the CCA in Secondary 1.

      After joining the CCA, I have learned and adopted two main values, discipline and teamwork. In order to learn and progress efficiently as a player, we must have the discipline to follow instructions given by the coach. For example, we need to build our basics well before we can play a game proper. However, discipline does not stop there. In respecting others in our CCA, teamwork is also important in creating a conducive environment for training.

      I enjoy the CCA as I am able to interact with my teammates after a long day of lessons. This helps to create tighter bonds with one another which can transfer into better team spirit and camaraderie in competitions. The CCA also helps us to keep fit as we train.

      After graduating from Edgefield, I might consider joining a volleyball team in the tertiary institute or a club outside the school scene. Recreationally, I have a skill that can help me in making new friends through sharing the sharing of common interest. I can also apply the value of teamwork, and working together with someone I may not like. We would have to work together to reach a common goal. This can definitely be applied to the working world in future.

      Jervezz Tan Yue Jin
      Year 3 Euclid, Member, 2020
    • Modern Dance


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    • What I enjoy about being part of the Wushu team is performing all sorts of different moves and routines. When I get to perform different moves during every training session and when I manage to succeed in performing those moves, I feel a sense of fulfilment. I have learnt to be resilient, disciplined and have learnt how difficulties can be overcome by putting in 100% effort.

      One of the challenges I face during CCA is that there are moves in Wushu that are personally difficult for me to achieve. One such example is performing the split. While doing the split can be difficult, I make sure to put in 100% effort to work on it at every single training and I would try my best to preserve to achieve my splits and today, I have managed to achieve it.

      Wushu has also taught me how to be a better student. The values I’ve learnt have benefited me when it comes to my studies. I do not easily give up when I face difficulties in learning and it has also taught me that putting in my best effort in my work will allow me to achieve the result I want.

      I have also become a better leader. As training and performing the sport requires discipline, over time, I have become more self-disciplined, have better decision-making skills and am a better role model. I make sure that my juniors listen to what the coach is teaching attentively and that they do not play around too much during training.

      Overall Wushu has really helped me in many aspects of my life and it has taught me to be a better person in the face of many challenges.

      Ryan Hiew
      Year 3 Everest, Captain, 2020