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    • Modern Dance

      Art Club

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    • My experience as a member and leader of Art Club has been a great one for the past 3 years. I've learnt many things and skills I had not expected to learn in this CCA. As a member, I have attended many of the workshops implemented for us such as the calligraphy workshop and sand art workshop. In these workshops I have learnt the ways and beauty of the different art forms that are seldom heard of and appreciated. From the gracefully elegant art form of calligraphy to the underlying and meticulous art forms of sand art, these workshops brought unique perspectives of art in ways I have never encountered. On normal CCA days, each of us is tasked to come up with ideas and thoughts during our planning process. After that, we sit down in our groups and let our creativity flow. 

      Art Club may seem fun and interesting, there may be our dreadful days. On such days, we have less motivation and inspiration. However, we use this time to bond or relax. With music lingering in the background, it makes our room a little cheerful and calming after a long school day. Inevitably, our creativity improves. 

      Being a leader gave me confidence in my daily life. Having to deal with problems like distracted members proves to be a challenge but the help of fellow leaders makes the journey more bearable. The toughest challenge is engaging them because if there isn't much to do, they would just play with their games or do other things that they perceive to be more entertaining. Despite that, I'm thankful for the times where we are able communicate. The sessions also provide a platform for me to interact with members whom I hardly talk much to. The strangers I first saw have now become part of my circle of friends who have also brought me to where I am. Our friendship is one that I will always cherish. 
    • As for my future plans, I don't have much in mind but I am sure as I go along my journey as a leader, I will find something that will spark my interests and motivation. 
    • Patsy Tan, 3 Euclid, President, 2016 -2018
    • Modern Dance

      Entrepreneur Club

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    • I am very proud to be a member of entrepreneurship club. Because of it, I can explore entrepreneurial skills in the real word context. The CCA teaches us on how to brainstorm and think out of the box to find and discover new ideas to solve current world issues. This has benefitted me as I now know more about the problems that we are facing around us.
    • Through Entrepreneur Club, I have the chance to participate in several entrepreneurial competitions. Although we did not manage to clinch any award, we still pick up new skills and gain new experiences after the competitions.
    • One of the activities that I enjoy as a member is the push-cart sales. From procurement of items to the sales of items, it is not an easy feat! Nonetheless, we enjoyed the whole process. The marketing skills that we have learnt during the mentorship and lessons with our teachers were put into good use when we handled the customers at the push-cart. I have also gotten to know many more new schoolmates during the sales. The push-cart sales would not have been possible without the teamwork of my CCA mates. As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work ". I believe that as a CCA, we can achieve a great deal if we put our heart and soul into what we are doing. 
    • As a member, I trust that there will be more and new programmes that will excite all of us in Entrepreneur Club. 
    • Megan Lee, Member, 1 Einstein , 2018
    • Modern Dance

      New Media Club

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    • New Media Club enables us to hone both technical and soft skills that focuses on Information Technology and Audio Visual skills. In AV management, we support the school in the various assembly presentation and school events. We learnt how to operate the equipment confidently and effectively. We also pick up teamwork and communication skills which are key competencies as the members must work together when we support the school event. We are proud that we are given many opportunities to support the school event and able to play a major role in the success of the event. 
    • We are also exposed to photography and videography skills which comes in handy as we take photos in school event and edit videos for the school production. We are also able to show our creative thinking skills in our photos and video production for the school. The CCA has equipped us with various IT and AV skills and knowledge along with competences such as teamwork and resilience. The CCA also allows us to be exposed to analogue photography such as cyanotype print and pinhole cameras. We are also able to enhance and develop our skills through the various competition and projects that we do for the school. 
    • As the founding members and leaders of the club, we were given the chance to lead and design lessons to teach our juniors. We also picked up planning skills when we planned deployment for assemblies and school events. It was a good experience as we mentored the juniors and witnessed their growth in operating the equipment with confident and ease. 
    • "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein 
    • Dex Ngiam Chao Yi, 3 Euclid, President, 2018 
    • Cliff Ho Kye Yan, 3 Euclid, Vice-President, 2018 
    • Ong Yi Feng Jayden, 3 Eliot, Vice-President, 2018
    • Modern Dance

      Thinker's Society

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    • Thinkers’ Society allows me to participate in numerous competitions which develop my problem-solving skills through critical and creative thinking. Through my participation in these competitions, I get to meet new people, learn new things and solve problems creatively by thinking outside of the box. Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM) is a creative thinking competition which allows us to venture out of our comfort zones. I managed to make use of my interest in Design & Technology and build a structure that can hold 90kg! While preparing for OOTM, we discovered many aspects of ourselves and developed new interests such as sewing, acting and props making. OOTM helps to increase my confidence level as we had to perform in front of a crowd and judges. One significant segment of OOTM is the Spontaneous Problem component with verbal and hands-on problems. I was able to unleash my creativity as I attempted the spontaneous problems as the most creative answers would get the highest score for this component of the competition.

      Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP) is a critical thinking competition which requires deep content knowledge of a wide range of topics. One of the topics we have to tackle this year is Philanthrocapitalism, a topic which was unknown to me prior to this. We had to study a future scene and generate possible challenges and underlying problem. Through, analysing the underlying problem, we were tasked to create solutions and craft an action plan based on the best solution to solve the underlying problem. Through my participation in FPSP, I managed to expand my vocabulary and understand more about possible issues we may face in the future. The 6-step problem-solving process can help to overcome challenges, whenever I encounter problems.
    • The skills I have picked up from the CCA are important as I am able to apply them in authentic settings. In recent months, we get to select an issue that we observe in school and apply the 6-step problem-solving process to solve the identified problem. We decided that the pushcarts in our school are not fully utilised and the encouragement board for the upper secondary was misused. Hence we decided to write a proposal to the Principal with a detailed action plan on how we can use the pushcarts as part of the exam welfare campaign to benefit graduating students who are preparing for their national examinations. By doing so, I feel that we are helping the school by applying the skills we have learnt from Odyssey of the Mind and Future Problem Solving Programme.

      Overall, I really enjoy my time in this CCA and I have fun with my CCA teachers. I am thankful that I am accepted to this CCA.
    • Goh Cai Xuan, Alisa, 1EL, Member, 2018 
    • Modern Dance


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    • I have always loved aeroplanes and everything about aviation. When I was younger, I was always either googling or reading articles to better my knowledge on planes. Placing SYFC as my first choice for my CCA was definitely a no-brainer.
    • During the CCA interview in Year 1, I expressed about my love for all things aviation. I was elated when I found out that my application to join SYFC was approved. This is where the passion really started to become a reality as I was able to learn hands-on about building model airplanes.

      In Year Two, I requested to join the SYFC Special Interest Group (SIG) to learn more advanced aeromodelling skills. This was when I learnt to build and fly even more complex model airplanes. With the extra set of skills that I picked up from SIG, I began to have more confidence in my abilities as an aeromodeller. After having spent so much time researching on the best airplane designs, it was very satisfying to see my completed model airplanes fly well for competitions.  
    • Being a CCA leader made me realise that apart from leading my peers in weekly sessions, I also need to exemplify the crucial qualities of determination and staying focused. It has certainly been a roller coaster ride but I will constantly look for ways to improve myself so that I can be a better leader. 
    • Adrian Song Yue En, 3EA, Chairperson, 2016-2018
    • Modern Dance

      Robotics Club

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    • Being in Robotics CCA, I acquired numerous skills and values. As members, we were taught to do basic programming and construction of robots to perform a myriad of tasks. We were also exposed to frontier initiatives like drone technology and swift app programming. 
    • Our skills were honed through participation in rigourous competitions like First Lego League and National Robotics Competition, where we also learn to do proper research and presentation on contemporary real world topics.  
    • During competitions, it is apparent that some of us are better at programming, some are better at construction and some at research and presentation. Seeing the synergistic outcomes achieved through the collaborative efforts and talents of every member, I realised the value of teamwork. Nevertheless, it is not easy working with people with different values and perspectives, so we learn to respect differing ideas and work cooperatively towards shared goals.

      Being appointed as a CCA leader, I was given the opportunity to break out of my comfort zone. Through opportunities to plan and lead the CCA in projects like Open House and iOS activities, I learnt to take on different perspectives in order to ensure the welfare and development of my fellow members. 
    • Tan Chuan Yong, 3EC, President, 2018 

Performing Arts

    • Modern Dance


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    • Being in choir allows me the opportunity to be exposed to new challenges and face fears like having stage fright. Throughout my years in this CCA, it has given me many opportunities to form new friendships through singing, combined-school performances and our involvement in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. 
    • Being a CCA leader in Choir has given me the opportunity to experience what it’s like to organise events and lead sectionals and vocal warm-ups. These have helped improve leadership skills and teamwork. It has also provided new points of views of different situations that people may not usually notice, giving me the ability to see things in a new light and make better decisions. 
    • Netanya Chan, 3EU, President, 2016-2018
    • Modern Dance

      Concert Band

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    • Being the Band Major in Concert Band has allowed me to hone my leadership skills. During sectionals, I helped my juniors to perfect their skills in playing the instrument by giving them feedback on their techniques and making sure that they have done proper warm ups before they practise the pieces. On a macro level, I take pride in ensuring that the members of Concert Band are able to play their parts well together as a team! For me, there are ups and downs when preparing to play a certain piece but I have found passion and joy in being able to play a certain piece well after persevering through each training. When the music sounds good, I feel good too. It is heartening to see that juniors are able to appreciate the pieces and to find the passion to train beyond CCA hours. 
    • In 2017, our band participated in the Singapore Youth Festival in which we performed the Sunny Island and Fields Overture. At first, we experienced difficulty playing the pieces but we persevered and eventually we made improvement in our performance. We also benefited from the workshops which Mr Yamashita and Mr Adam Frey from Yamaha conducted for our band. With all the help and efforts from each and everyone in team, we managed to achieve the certificate of accomplishment. 
    • In 2018, our band also participated in the Singapore International Band Festival competition. Though it was our first time taking part in the competition, we managed to win the bronze award. 
    • Prior to SIBF, we had to put up a public performance during our school ArtsFest @ Punggol Topaz. This helped to build our confidence for the SIBF competition. We were also fortunate to get pointers on how we could polish our playing techniques from the workshop conducted by Mr Bert Aalders from SIBF. 
    • As a leader, I have learnt to always think about the well-being of my fellow bandmates before myself. I believe that being a leader and a member of EFSS Band has helped me face my real-life problems outside of my CCA too! 
    • Mira, 3EV, Band Major, 2016-2018
    • Modern Dance


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    • When I joined the English Literary Drama and Debate Society, I did not know life in ELDDS would be so exciting! As a Secondary One student new to the Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), I got myself a leading role in Edgefield’s inaugural public performance in 2016. Clueless about theatre and acting then, the patience and guidance given by our instructors, teachers and seniors allowed us to enjoy the performance and also learn more about acting techniques. From this performance, 
    • I discovered my passion for acting and theatre, which spurred me on to learn more from our drama instructors. Together, we explore many theatrical elements and drama skills during our training sessions.
    • In 2017, ELDDS participated in the Singapore Youths Festival (SYF) where we did an adaptation of Animal Farm. We were required to put ourselves in the roles and characters of animals and I found out that I could actually make use of the skills I learnt from the CCA sessions to play the role of an animal well! For example, we learnt techniques on creating different levels and sizes using our bodies and projecting our voices clearly for this performance. 
    • Being a member and the president of ELDDS, I strongly believe that CCA plays an important role in our school life. CCA allows us to bond with other students with the same interests as us and a place where we can forget about the stress from our academic curriculum. Even though CCA may mean spending more time in school, I feel that the extra hours spent in CCA is something I always enjoy and look forward to every week. In ELDDS, although we are all individuals with our own personalities and opinions, we have learnt to accept one another despite our differences - something I appreciate tremendously. 
    • As a leader, I have learnt to put others before myself, carry out my duties with integrity and respect everyone around me. I am sure that being a member and leader of ELDDS, I have grown and have become a better person. 
    • Carmen Foong, 3EV, ELDDS President, 2016-2018
    • Modern Dance

      Festive Drums

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    • I came to this school not knowing which CCA to join, and yet here I am, being extremely grateful to have found this unique performing arts that no other secondary school has. My passion for drumming has not only been unwavering, but has also never stopped growing.
    • Leading my CCA was never once a chore, it was always an honour. In the beginning, I was worried whether I would be able to cope with Triple Science subject combination and this role. But if my previous president could do it, so could I. It definitely took some believing in myself and my abilities, which blossomed throughout my year in this position. I started with a vision for myself, that goal was to make a positive impact on this CCA with the authority I was presented.
    • This was the best decision I made in secondary school because what I got in return is invaluable. It has taught me countless things, one of which is empowerment. I have full faith in all my members because I see the potential in every single one of them. Whether they’ve never held a pair of drumsticks or have absolutely no rhythm sense, I helped them realise that they’re more capable than they think they are. I always believed that feedback is crucial at the end of every training session, so I made sure I evaluated their performance, praised them for their efforts and highlight areas for improvement. Being a leader also teaches me how to be empathetic and diplomatic during unfavourable times.
    • In 2018, one of my most memorable experiences was our participation in the Chingay procession. It was when our CCA truly bonded as a whole, saying that it’s heartwarming is an understatement. 
    • Stepping down as a year 4 student, I feel immensely thankful for this opportunity as I came to realise how many people I have influenced through these memories we have made as a team. 
    • As I want to continue pursuing this hobby, I joined an external professional festive drum group called ZingO. With them, I got to perform at various events at Botanic Gardens, NUS, and even in Malaysia for the JB Drum Festival. This has opened my eyes to many new aspects of drumming - from the type of drumsticks to the character we play during a performance subject to its theme. I definitely hope to continue exploring the world of drums in the future! 
    • Ong Yi Ning, 4 Euler, President, 2015-2018
    • Modern Dance


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    • Guzheng is a chinese zither, a plucked string instrument with a more than 2,500-year history. It has 16 (or more) strings and movable bridges. It has a large, resonant cavity made from wutong wood. Guzheng players often wear fingerpricks made from materials such as ivory, tortoiseshell, resin or hard plastic. 
    • Learning how to play a guzheng not only teaches us the value of teamwork, it also inculcates more intrinsic values such as discipline, resilience and teamwork to perform a musical masterpiece. Also, playing it keeps us calm as the notes produce ethereal-like sounds. Guzheng also helps us to become more confident in ourselves.
    • The past few years, Guzheng participated in many performances such as Singapore Youth Festival in 2017, many more exchange programs and school performances. We are proud to say that we also achieved distinction in the Singapore Youth Festival 2015 and 2017. Our instructor has been very patient with us and always gives his very best to teach us. Through his guidance, we are able to make tremendous improvements and achieve our desired goals. 
    • Learning guzheng has been a very enjoyable and fun experience for all the CCA members and we really hope that more people will be inspired and attracted by the musical and cultural aspects guzheng. 
    • Hui Min 3ES & Yeong Xin 3EU, CCA leaders, 2016 - 2019
    • Modern Dance


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    • I first joined Harmonica Ensemble out of interest for music. However, I realised it is a CCA with so much soul and harmony. This CCA has developed me to be confident yet humble, to be structured yet flexible and to be cultured yet modern. We are also always reminded to play our tune in harmony and progress together as an ensemble. 
    • Besides being a member of the CCA, I was also given the confidence by my CCA teachers to lead the band. I had never given much thought to the on-goings of being a leader before, but the past few months of experience has given me a new perspective. The recent example would be the Teacher's Day celebration. During this period, every leader including myself stepped up and showed our capability and leadership qualities in preparing the event. By working with leaders from other CCA, I learnt many ways and traits to be good leader in my own CCA. I am also more appreciative of having a vice-president to assist me in leading the band during and after CCA hours. 
    • CHONG YOU YUAN, ETHAN, 3 Einstein, President, 2016 - 2019
    • Modern Dance

      Modern Dance

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    • As a CCA leader I learn about being patient, tolerant, empathetic, confident and making wise decision. By becoming a leader, I realise that I can either bind or break the bond among my CCA members. Therefore it is very crucial for a leader to be mentally and emotionally strong, to consider different factors and be able to see different sides of opinions before coming to a decision decision that will affect the CCA members and also teachers. Through Modern Dance, I have grown to be a better person. The role and responsibility given to me not only mould my interpersonal skills but also my intrapersonal skill which help me with decision-making. I will continue to contribute to my CCA to the best of my capability and to render support to my CCA teachers as well as my fellow CCA members. 
    • Muhammad Rayyan, 3 Eliot, President, 2016-2019

Uniform Groups

    • Modern Dance

      Girl Guides

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    • Back then, when I had just enrolled into Girl Guides, I was someone who was reserved and did not dare to speak up. However, within merely a year in Secondary 1, I was given opportunities to participate in various activities like Free Being Me - a programme that boosts body confidence and supports the advocation of body confidence issues in the community, which has played a part in the gaining of my self-esteem. I also participated in a few badge work and picked up a few skills like sewing and first aid along the way. 
    • Throughout, Secondary 1 to Secondary 3, I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate in the National Day Observance Ceremony (NDOC) in school and outside as well as the opportunity to be the Contingent Leader of the 2018 NDOC. Nobody would have expected my 13 year-old self to be this outspoken today. I would also like to thank the seniors and teachers that I met in this CCA who trusted and supported me,I would not have developed my character this tremendously nor achieved this position without their help. And as a Company Leader, I hope to serve this CCA to the greatest of my abilities and bring Girl Guides to greater heights. 
    • Pearlene Chua Pei Ling, S3-1, Company Leader, 2018/2019
    • Modern Dance

      NPCC (Sea)

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    • I have been involved in many events and activities over the years of my secondary school life. When I think back about them, I miss the moment when I was still a cadet taking part in the activities. 
    • I remember the blood, sweat and tears that I had put in for the National Police Annual Parade. Even though we had a few problems, I still feel accomplished and happy as I knew I had put in my 110% for the training. 
    • I remember the Jetty Jump during my unit’s Sea Survival Training. I had a fear of heights but because to the sirs who were there, I mustered the courage to jump. I really had an enjoyable time and NPCC has given me lots of life experiences that other students may not be able to experience.
    • Through NPCC activities, I have gained many valuable lessons. My squad mates are practically my second family. I would want to thank my sirs and madams when I have the chance to as they are the ones that have been there throughout my journey in NPCC for the last 3 years. They have taught me many things that I did not know before including life skills.
    • Whenever I don the uniform, I feel proud and confident. NPCC has not only provided me with skills as a cadet but life experiences, friendship and memories which I cannot replicate on my own. I truly do not regret joining NPCC. 
    • Jacob Lee Ray Chian, S4-1, Deputy Unit in Charge (Operations), 2017/18
    • Modern Dance


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    • National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (also known as NCDCC) has been my CCA for the past two years .When I first chose my CCA ,I aspired to become a first-aider and to learn life-saving skills so that I can help others in the future. 
    • At first, I was shy and quiet in the CCA but my seniors and TOs taught me to be confident. I was excited about all the fun activities and amazing values shown during the CCA sessions. Through NCDCC, I have learnt important values such as teamwork and resilience. There are also kayaking courses which push us to step out of our comfort zone and go beyond our limit. Bonding activities and games bring out the team spirit.. 
    • NCDCC has changed me to become a disciplined and responsible individual. 
    • Chia Hui Jing, 2-3, Cadet, 2018
    • Modern Dance


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    • My experience in Scouts has been an amazing one filled with new adventures and a testament of the strong friendships forged. Of course, everything is not perfect but it is important to attend the CCA with a positive mindset. Over these years that I have been in Scouts, I feel fortunate being in this CCA because of the unique things that we do such as pioneering, outdoor cooking, tent pitching and backwoodsman. These experiences give me the skills and confidence to step out of my comfort zone as it provides a platform to try something new and to gain new skills at the same time. It also brings the troop closer together as the experiences over the years give us the opportunities to make new friends over the years. 
    • Foo Meng Siang, 3 Einstein, Senior Patrol Leader, 2018


    • Modern Dance


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    • CCA is a very good platform for us to learn new things and make new friends. When I first joined Badminton CCA, I felt very awkward because I do not know anyone from the CCA. However, it did not last long as the new CCA mates to know one another and gel together as a team. 
    • On top of the guidance from our coach, our seniors also teach us patiently. They play a big role in helping us improve on our skills and techniques. 
    • Badminton teaches me to many skills which cannot be learnt that easily in a classroom environment. Some of these skills are resilience and determination. The training can be tough but the encouragements from fellow teammates, teachers and coach spur me to train even harder so that we can achieve good results during competitions. During competition, we cheer for and encourage one another in good times and bad.
    • I have learnt that teamwork is important because we need to work hard together as a team and support one another during difficult times. Learning how to cooperate as a team allows us to build our characters and forge friendships. As such, Badminton has groomed me to grow much as a player and as a person. 
    • Ruby Ng Jing Yi, 3EC, Girls Team Vice-Captain, 2018
    • Modern Dance


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    • Joining Basketball CCA is one of the best decisions that I made in Secondary 1. Being in the CCA has given me the opportunity to open up and step out of my comfort zone to try new things.Throughout the 3 years in the CCA, I have grown so much as a player and as a person.
    • I vividly remembered the first few matches that I played in Secondary 1. The team felt lousy and guilty as we lost all our matches against other schools. I remembered a few of us, including myself, crying very badly. The team learned to pick ourselves up from the failures and to convert all that energy into motivation for us to work harder for the next competition. We went through many months of intensive training that really tested our perseverance and determination. The failures we once experienced were now the spark that bonded us together to work towards a common goal. The hard work that we put in our training paid off as our skills became increasingly polished. It taught me that I want to achieve something, I have to put in the hard work and to persevere whenever I meet any obstacles or challenges along the way.
    • Basketball has also taught me to take risks. During competitions, there are times where our team is afraid of the opponents and is unable to perform to our usual standards. During these moments, our coach always says, “I want to see you try and put in effort.” As a team, we realise that it is important to take risks and push ourselves whenever we feel like giving up. Sometimes it is only fear that is preventing us from reaching our full potential. 
    • We learnt to have a positive mindset and attitude whenever we are faced with obstacles and challenges. The team is able to achieve so much more when we motivate each other during training and to look out for each other during matches and competitions.
    • Right now, the team has a common goal - that is, to train hard and succeed in the upcoming competitions in January 2019.
    • Lim Pei Xian & Audris Ang, 3ES & 3EU, Captain & Vice-Captain, Basketball girls team, 2018 - 2019
    • Modern Dance


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    • Being a CCA leader has allowed me to learn more about my members' experiences and understand their difficulties. Knowing their predicaments and issues, I will try to make their time spent in our CCA more enjoyable. For example, a junior of mine has diabetes. Hence, I will try to reduce his burden whenever possible by giving him breaks whenever needed. I have also learnt many leadership and social skills. Armed with this knowledge, tackling unexpected situations has become much easier. Furthermore, I am grateful to have this opportunity as a CCA leader. Being able to work with my fellow leaders, May and Jing Kai, has been an enriching and enjoyable experience as they are always there to support me in my times of need and give me advice when I have doubts about a certain issue. 
    • As a cca leader I have to step out of my comfort zone and do things I've never done before. Lastly, i will continue to give my best for my CCA. 
    • Yau Ru En, Captain, 3 Euclid, 2016 - 2019
    • Modern Dance

      Softball (Girls)

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    • I was a very quiet girl who was always scared to speak out my mind. However, ever since I joined Softball in Secondary 1, I’ve been continuously growing as a person. Softball teaches me more than just basic teamwork and determination. Communication plays a major part as it is very critical when playing on the field. By communicating effectively, I have learned how to speak to our teammates and how to process the information given to us on the spot. 
    • Failure will always be there and as a sportsman I have learnt to accept the fact that failure is bound to happen. Softball teaches me how to rebound from such failures and to continuously strive for improvements.
    • Softball teaches us to be determined and resilient especially in the face of challenges. Maintaining such an attitude in life spurs me to be the best version of myself, proving that hard work pays off. What I’ve noticed about myself these days is that I’m more mature and Softball is the main reason behind it. I’ve learnt not to condemn myself for past mistakes but to move on. I have learnt that by letting my mistakes go, I am able to focus on the next play .
    • Overall, Softball has developed my ability to be confident of myself.”
    • Fira Rose, Captain, 3 Einstein
    • Modern Dance


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    • After having gone through the first few session of Taekwondo CCA - learning all the basic movements and white belt pattern - I found it very boring and tiring. However, after understanding the pledge of Taekwondo and the meaning of the pattern, I found it increasingly interesting and very useful in my daily life.
    • In Taekwondo, I have learned many different types of skills. Initially, I could not do certain patterns well like low block, high block and a simple front kick. However, I trained very hard to improve my movements. My ma’ams, coaches, sirs and seniors also play a very important part. They always encourage me and are patient with me whenever I face difficulties.
    • Taekwondo also teaches me perseverance as it is not easy to do well in Taekwondo. During kyorugi sessions, I also learnt how to attack an opponent and defend myself swiftly. 
    • Taekwondo in my school equips me with stronger interpersonal and communication skills through first-hand interactions with both CCA members and my teachers. Takewondo helps us to be a more confident person and most importantly, it teaches us many values and skills which we can apply in our daily lives. I always look forward to the CCA and very excited when I get to learn new things in Taekwondo.
    • Cassandra Soh, 3EC, Captain, 2016 - 2018
    • Modern Dance

      Volleyball (Boys)

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    • Playing in Edgefield's Volleyball Team has been a journey of self-directed learning as I have seen myself develop from an amateur player into a full-fledged National Athlete playing with the ASEAN School Games team. Along the way, I have made numerous lifelong friends and realising my passion in this sport. 
    • The warm atmosphere combined with the fantastic team spirit has been instrumental in developing my character. Perseverance, communication, and teamwork are all lifelong values, and nowhere else can they be most prevalent than on the court.. We always try to take every mistake in our stride as every missed dig, set or spike presents a new lesson to be learned. As individuals, we never stop growing. As a team, we always aim for the best. 
    • With the skills we acquired in school, we are able to understand and pursue Volleyball at a higher level in Singapore. From refereeing lessons to the friendly matches and National Team trials, everyone is always given ample opportunities to pursue this sport further. We will push to take on new challenges.
    • I believe in Edgefield's Volleyball Team; you don't just train to be the best athlete on the court because you train to be the best version of yourself in life. 
    • Quek Jun Yang, 4EL, Member, 2015-2018
    • Modern Dance


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    • I personally think that being a CCA leader in Wushu is exhilarating as I face different challenges during each CCA session. It gives me the motivation to do more for my own CCA, as it is my hope to inspire everyone in Wushu. I also hope that there will be others in the future who will take in interest in this sport. I am glad that I am able to contribute to Edgefield Secondary School in these ways and I hope that the next batch of CCA leaders can inspire not only themselves, but also others around them to excel in all they do. 
    • Wushu has also had a positive impact on me outside the arena, as I have learnt how to be a more attentive student whenever i am in class. I do my best to make sure my CCA mates listen to the instructions given by the coach as well, and make sure they do not fool around during our training sessions. Wushu has also made me a better person in life and it has taught me how to solve problems in life by looking at things from new perspectives. 
    • ALOYSIOUS SEE CHENG WEE, 3EA, Captain, 2016 - 2019