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Explore our Edgefield’s Signature Programmes

Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB)

We believe every child is unique. Every child deserves the opportunities and resources to pursue his or her interests in academics. This is made possible at Edgefield with the Full Subject Based Banding (Full SBB). In 2019, Edgefield was highlighted by then Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung, during the Committee of Supply Debate as a trailblazer for its re-organised form classes where students from the different courses of study come together. In 2020, we subsequently became one of the 28 pilot schools selected by Ministry of Education to pilot Full SBB.

With Full SBB, we are moving towards one secondary education, with many subject bands, to better meet our students’ learning needs. This is part of the broader shift in our education system to recognise the strengths and interests of our children, to help them build their confidence and develop an intrinsic motivation to learn for life.

Students will experience integrated form classes once they enter Edgefield. Students of varying courses of study come together for a common learning experience which creates a valuable setting for them to build meaningful friendships, mutually support one another and appreciate different perspectives. 

In addition, students deepen their learning in an area of their interest. For instance, other than the English Language, Mathematics, Mother Tongue Languages and Science, learners are now offered the Humanities such as Geography, History and English Literature at an academically more demanding level when they move to Secondary Two. Factors taken into consideration to offer these subjects include 
the strengths, interest and an appropriate overall academic load for the student.

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Learning For Life Programme (LLP)

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What else do you need besides strong academic support, diverse CCA experience and entrepreneurial opportunities?

Practical self-defence skills that will keep you safe wherever you go (of course!). But that’s not all! Add Self-Discipline, Respect for others and self as well as Perseverance to keep going in the midst of adversity and challenges, and these are the key ingredients for lifelong learning to make achieving ANY of your dreams possible!

Edgefield’s Learning for Life Programme centres on Sports. Our signature Taekwondo (TKD) Education Programme inculcates these very qualities and allows you to train your body and mind, culminating in the achievement of the Junior (Under 16) TKD black belt classification at the end of Year 4. No one, not even life, will dare mess with you! Ki...ai!

Future Readiness

Future Ready Programme

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An earthquake hits. Mayhem breaks out. There is news of missing people who might be trapped somewhere. They have 8 minutes to evacuate or they may not survive. Edgefield’s search-and-rescue team immediately gets to work to survey the surroundings and hunt down the victims. But how is the small team going to search 8000 square metres within that short span of time? By programming and deploying drones! The drones will give them an aerial perspective of the situation and help them observe signs of human life as well as obtain critical information to direct the rescue team to the right locations. 

This exciting simulation is part of Edgefield’s thoughtfully crafted Future Ready ProgrammeTM (FRP) to prepare students for the future. That’s not all. Other scenarios include commissioning a task force to tackle  nationwide food scarcity and water shortage through urban farming and water harvesting methods, setting up an innovative social experiment to enable Singaporeans to experience the impact of a diverse society and building a physical model of a floating city which can be implemented in the event of critical sea levels.  

These are but a few examples of the FRP which ensures that our students are equipped with key skills of the future, such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity (Future of Jobs report, OECD) and keep pace with future developments through a series of keystone programmes. Students have opportunities to see the relevance of the skills they have acquired through various platforms, such as the Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP), which is an international competition where they apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to hypothetical future situations. The programme looks at current technological, geo-political, and societal trends and projects those trends 20–30 years into the future, training students to develop solutions to the challenges they may face as adults. 

Besides being ‘exam-smart’ and ‘book-smart’, an Edgefielder is also ‘street-smart’ and world-ready.

Future Readiness

Growing The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Are there skills you think you can never pick up in school? Well, not at Edgefield!

From honing skills and competencies in business management and marketing, to advanced life skills such as alertness-to-opportunity, to bouncing back from failures, Edgefield’s Applied Learning Programme,“Growing the Entrepreneurial Mindset” (G.E.M), equips you with advanced problem-solving skills to become an Entre/Intrapreneur!  Through our signature Challenge-Based Learning model, you will leverage the technology you use in your daily lives in a multi-disciplinary approach to solve real-world problems and benefit the community.

G.E.M culminates in ARTasFEST, a milestone carnival attracting more 
than 5000 participants! Design your own Escape Room, collaborate with entrepreneurs, run your own pop-up store, concoct your favourite drinks, host Instagram marketing campaigns, acquire deep learning and then find yourself suffering from ARTasFEST withdrawal symptoms!

ARTasFEST in Action

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Personalised Digital Learning Programme

Many say that the challenges facing the world today are different from the ones we faced in generations past. We really can’t agree more.

This is why here in Edgefield, our goal is to empower you — our digital natives — to solve these problems through the responsible use of technology both in and out of the classroom. Technology will make co-construction of knowledge seamless as thinking and discussion are made visible. Technology also gives the convenience of enabling learning to take place anytime, anywhere.

Using iPad applications that enable learning to be self-directed and collaborative, coupled with your teachers’ strategies that cater to active learning through individualised feedback and differentiated teaching and learning, learning becomes fun and personal for you! 

A device management software will be installed on your device that will allow teachers to monitor how it is being used. Moreover, the CCE curriculum teaches you how to critically evaluate what you read online, discern genuine news from falsehoods and not rely on social media for “likes” and validation.

Edgefield is an active user of the Student Learning Space (SLS), a portal which gives you access to rich learning resources and gives you timely feedback. This results in deeper understanding and greater reflection on your learning. 

Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)

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When we prepare your child for the future, technology is one key factor that we cannot afford to ignore. As parents and educators, we have witnessed for ourselves how our work and social environments have changed – from changes in modes of communication i.e. letters to emails to mobile messaging, to changes in interactive devices i.e. pagers to mobile phones to tablets. In tomorrow’s age where artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to take over many functions and roles controlled by humans today, the challenge is not just the ownership of these devices, but how our children are able to harness the capabilities of these devices to overcome future challenges, to do what robots are not able to do.

To do this, they have to start young, and start right. We designed the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Programme at Edgefield to meet these needs. 

Our goal is “Quality Learning in the Hands of Every Learner Empowered with Technology”. While our Apple Education Programme equips every student with new media production skills, our 1:1 personalised learning through iPads integrates thinking and learning across our total curriculum. Digital Sketchnoting makes thinking visible, and combines with cloud technology to enable learning anytime, anywhere. Co-construction of knowledge and internet research amplifies and deepens learning, while collaborative apps allow exploration of alternative perspectives and diverse views. This enables meta-cognitive learning to take place. Through the affordances of technology, learning becomes dynamic and personalized.

Student Leaders Council

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The VUCA World of tomorrow is one that is characterised by various contentious issues, and differences across groups of people are becoming increasingly polarised. The leaders of tomorrow will possess qualities different from those of today. Compassion and Empathy are what set great leaders apart.

Edgefield believes in nurturing Compassionate Leaders. Building on the strong fundamentals of the Leadership Challenge Model, the Edgefield student leadership programme is committed to developing values-centric leaders who are both grounded in strong values such as Compassion, Moral Courage, Sincerity and Honour and actively contribute to the community, especially helping those who are less privileged. This is achieved through the provision of level-wide leadership modules and Values-in-Action platforms, equipping students with the necessary soft skills to achieve self and peer leadership. 

As a student leader in Edgefield, you will also learn about building a positive culture through the Appreciative Inquiry approach, the 4D process of ‘Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver’. Engage in strategic planning and receive mentorship from the Principal himself!

Come create the Edge for yourself as a future leader!

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