Enriching Minds with Edgefield Curriculum Wonders
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Enriching Minds with Edgefield Curriculum Wonders

The Languages Programme

In a culturally diverse global environment, what do you need to successfully navigate your way in the world? The development of language skills is absolutely central to helping you make sense of the world as well as communicate your experiences and perspectives. Edgefield’s Languages Programme aims to develop our students into competent and confident users of languages through a myriad of authentic learning experiences in an immersive environment.
In the English Language and Literature Programme, you will be actively involved in character storytelling, dramatisation, campus broadcasting as well as open book sharing. You will also collaborate with your peers in video productions and engage in lively debates as part of acquiring a deeper understanding of issues through perspective taking.

To truly give you an edge, you will also have ample opportunities for extensive exposure to the mother tongue languages. You will engage in experiential learning of our rich heritage through Escape Room in Chinatown, xinyao composition  as well as learn the art of wayang kulit, which culminates in a performance using your own handmade puppets.

That’s not all. As an integral part of language learning, there are Chinese and Malay journalism workshops and radio scriptwriting workshops 
to hone your speaking and writing skills. The school has also established twinning schools in China and Brunei, to provide students with a deeper understanding of different cultures, histories and economies, preparing you for a cross-cultural future beyond the classroom.

English Language and Literature

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Mother Tongue Languages
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The Mathematics And Science Programme

Domain specific knowledge, particularly that of Mathematics and Science, is extremely important when it comes to building cognitive skills.  At Edgefield, our Mathematics and Science Programme will equip you with exactly that!

Not only will your analytical thinking skills and understanding of concepts be deepened but you will also be engrossed and absorbed in authentic real-world learning as you put these concepts into use and application! 

To inspire a passion for Science and Mathematics, your teachers are constantly developing and enhancing learning through enrichment modules. You will be actively participating in Math Trails, competitions and problem solving projects. For applied Science modules, you will be immersed in Research Education, growing your own crystals, programming robots and even launching your own PET rockets! 

At Edgefield, our approach to Mathematics and the Sciences will ensure that not only will you be equipped with future-ready skills but you’ll also always be confident, competent and ready to contribute to these important fields outside the borders of your classroom!


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The Craft and Technology Programme

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“Why? What if? How?” These were the questions that one of humankind’s greatest inventors, scientists and artists, Leonardo da Vinci, was always thinking about. The most important thing to him was not his many achievements and inventions. Instead, it was his next idea and what he would do with it that consumed his waking thoughts. 

It is this unending quest for knowledge and wisdom that guides our students as they discover the joy of learning together with our Craft and Technology teachers. In our kitchens, workshops and art rooms, ideas and wild imaginings will be brought to life with your very own hands and efforts! 

As a Craft and Technology student, not only will you be participating in National events and competitions such as the UOB Painting of the Year, the Singapore Design Awards and the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award to showcase the fruits of your labour, you will also be taking part in a wide array of research projects that will broaden your knowledge and cultivate your mind in the many disciplines required by the Craft and Technology subjects. 

So why wait? It’s time to take those dreams out of your head and bring them to life! 

The Humanities Programme

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It is no longer shocking to hear people say that the world we live in today is markedly different from the one just a few years ago. Indeed, with science and technology blazing the way for humankind, this world faces a different future that is both bright and at the same time fraught with new challenges. But how do we face that uncertain future? 

We believe that in the midst of uncertainties, there are two firm pillars that will build a solid foundation in our students. Firstly, we bolster our students’ knowledge by pulling together topics relevant to the three disciplines in the Department – Geography, History and Social Studies in our signature programme, aptly called PrimeTime@ Edgefield. Comprising of various key activities, you’ll get the chance to engage with decision makers, advocates and community leaders in current affairs and contemporary issues. How awesome would that be! 

Through the Model United Nations (MUN) simulation at Edgefield Secondary School, a Humanities Signature Keystone Programme, Year 3 students study a key societal issue that is a cause of concern in Singapore. You will get the chance to do authentic research and practice sound reasoning before finally writing a position paper that reflects both your well-reasoned and substantiated conclusions as well as possible recommendations to the various stakeholders. You will even get the chance to participate in the MUN Debate during the Upper Secondary Assembly Programme! 

Physical Education

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