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Principal's Message

Welcome back to school!

With the start of 2023, we also warmly welcome our Secondary 1 students!

2022 has continued to be an extraordinary year for all of us. Let us look ahead with anticipation in 2023 as we continue to provide exciting and meaningful school experiences and navigate the changes ahead of us. Our ability to remain flexible and adaptable certainly prepares us to be future ready and able to cope with new challenges that come our way. 

From nurturing Resolute and Compassionate Role Models to Collaborative Innovators, Compassionate Leaders, these past 11 years of Edgefield Secondary School has been a journey where the dreams of teachers, students, parents and partners have been forged and realized, a journey that consistently builds upon successes of those before, to scale new peaks of excellence in the present in order to bring about benefits to those after. The Pay-It-Forward belief continues to undergird the DNA of an Edgefielder, as we seek to equip every student with future ready dispositions, competencies, and skills to surmount the complex challenges in the VUCA world so that they may be able to contribute to the community, the nation and the world!


That is where we have put in place a Future Ready Total Curriculum comprising various quality programmes designed based on established research, in collaboration with research partners such as the National Institute of Education and the National University of Singapore. These range from fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and future ready capabilities through our Applied Learning Programme - Growing the Edgefield Mindset (G.E.M), developing values such as respect and resilience through our Learning for Life Programme - Character Education through Sports anchored on Taekwondo, to encouraging Student Voice, Agency and Advocacy for social causes through our Compassionate Leaders in Action. 


We have also reshaped the psychosocial environment through Full Subject-Based Banding to benefit students’ social, emotional and cognitive growth. We harnessed the affordances of technology through our Personalised Digital Learning Programme and Blended Learning, to nurture our students to be autonomous learners, allowing for more self-directed and collaborative learning, even during the pandemic. 


As Socrates says, “Wisdom begins with Wonder”. Every single detail in our programmes didn’t come about by chance but has been lovingly designed to meet the immediate and future needs of our Edgefielder. At Edgefield, we are committed to providing our students with a vibrant school life and stimulating educational experiences that will spark their curiosity and ignite a passion for life-long learning. 


Our gratitude goes to our School Advisory Committee, Parent Support Group, Alumni, parents, our various partners, teachers, and staff, for journeying with us. As a school community, we collaborated and supported each other to our very best, all for the good of our children.


Wishing all a good year of learning ahead! 


Mr Lee Peck Ping
Edgefield Secondary School


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