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Mission, Vision, Motto & Core Values


The school’s vision of nurturing “Collaborative Innovators, Compassionate Leaders” encapsulates the school’s aspirations for the students to become complex problem-solvers who are able to work collaboratively in designing innovative solutions, and values-driven leaders with a heart to lead and serve others with compassion and empathy. Students learn to develop entrepreneurial  mindset, solve real-world problems and become active contributors to the society, and in the midst of all, appreciate the joy of learning.


The school’s mission “Growing Minds, Glowing Hearts” reflects the school’s deep-rooted ethos to develop students who are self-directed learners capable of adapting to changing conditions effectively. One of the key focuses of our work is to develop Social-Emotional (SE) skills that will enable students’ success by developing good habits in studies and behaviour. Role modelling by every staff is the key to building the character of the students.


The motto “Sincerity and Honour” serves as the school’s key guiding principle in our cultivation of the moral character of students, and to guide staff in their decision-making as well as day-to-day interaction. 


Edgefield Values are “Moral Courage and Compassion”, forming the acronym E = mc2, the famous energy equation by Albert Einstein who was one of the greatest scientists in the last century. E = mc2 helps to focus students’ mental attitude in doing what is right and being able to make a positive difference to the people around them.