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About Edgefield 

Established in 2011, Edgefield Secondary School (EFSS) is an educational institution in Singapore with a unique curriculum focusing on preparing students to be future-ready. Despite its relatively shorter history, Edgefield have quickly become well known for its key strengths such as dedicated teachers, vibrant learning environment, diverse Co-Curricular (CCA) experiences and an innovative culture. Our signature programmes give our students the edge to thrive in the VUCA world. They include:

  • Future Ready Programme nurtures creative and collaborative complex problem solving skills through a scenario-based approach. 
  • Growing an Entrepreneurial Mindset (G.E.M) (Applied Learning Programme, ALP) inculcates entrepreneurial skills such as thinking-out-of-the-box and developing an alertness to opportunities. 
  • Character development through sports, anchored on Taekwondo (Learning for Life Programme, LLP) develops self-defence skills alongside values such as respect and resilience. 

Framed by Howard Gardner's Five Minds for the Future, Edgefield's thoughtfully developed Total Curriculum provides students with a wealth of opportunities to explore their interests and maximize their potential.