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Staff Accolades

Date Staff Involved   Activities / Events / Sharing 
Oct 2020  Girl Guides CCA
Salina Binte Rosli
Azyan Liyana Koo Sin Yee
Puteri Sukma
 VIA to St Andrews Community Hospital, Paediatric WardMany thanks and appreciation to the Girl Guides teachers for taking on the project, guiding the Guides through it, liaising with SACH & finally creating the flashcards. 
Sep 2020 Koh Siong Huat Thomas Chew

 Muhamad Halim Bin Talka
Lego Wall and Nursing Room decor in Staff Pantry For fabricating and assisting in the mounting of the lego wall respectively.

For pasting the wall décor in the nursing room.
Sep 2020 Addie Siew  Apple Reality Composer Showcase and Sharing SessionFor the showcase sharing of the use of Augmented Reality in teaching Science in the classroom.

"Mr Addie is proving content and subject matter is important with AR! Spatial … design … purpose. A passionate educator using tech with purpose and pedagogy." Mr Paul Hamilton 
Sep 2020  Addie Siew Michel Chua Ravinder Mohan Sharma Shopee Code League 2020For creating opportunities to stretch students potential in Sec 3 to get to have a taste of real world analytics problems in an e-commercial online space. 
 Sep 2020 Robotics Club

Addie Siew Bernard Ng
Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior 2020 For completing fully online International competition with the theme Artificial Intelligence. Students collectively collaborated online to learn and present proposals on how AI can help in the areas of the environment and pandemic situations. 
 Sep 2020Addie Siew
Ng Kai Jun Bernard Ng
Eric Foo
Yeo Ai Chin 
 3D-Tronics Micro:bit Asia Challenge 2020 For the joint collaboration between Applied Science (IoT) towards designing solutions for a post Cov-19 World
 Sep 2020 Scenario Writing Mr Ravinder Mohan Sharma

Global Issues Problem solving (GIPS) Rachel Cheng

Community problem Solving (CmPs) Seow Tzer Yeun Lily Teo
Future Problem Solving Programme 2020 Thank you coaches for their dedication in mentoring the team/individuals via virtual meetings during the circuit breaker.  
Sep 2020 CCE- VIA Committee Darren Woo Shaw Wee Brennan Kwa Syahirah Binte Mohamed Noh Muhammad 'Ammar Bin Abdul Aziz Arman Bin Alluwie
Ng Teck Yeong 
VIA Partnering Opportunities with Fernvale Gardens School For executing the National Day Observance Ceremony video and sharing the video with Fernvale Gardens School to support them in their celebratory activities. 
 Sep 2020Darren Woo Alvina Kasmuri (Card design) Daphne Wee (Card design) Cheryl Sia (Ordering)
Shaw Wee (National Day Committee) Brennan Kwa (National Day Committee) Syahirah Binte Mohamed Noh (National Day Committee)
Tay-Ng Chee Shen (Adviser) Mrs. Wong (Adviser) 
VIA@Home Pledge Cards For guiding students in designing the beautiful cards 
Mar 2020 Peter Ong
 Han Khim Yuan 
Relief System Business Rules For designing the system for allocation of relief work and sharing it with other colleagues. 
Mar 2020  Elsie Cheng
Ng Kok Wah SEC Team
Nourishment for teachers and school staff by SEC team For planning and preparing the desserts and drinks to support our colleagues 
 Mar 2020
Pursuit of Happiness                                           Tay-Ng Chee Shen Shaw Wee Yeo Ai Peng Vickineswarie Alan Lim

Future Ready Peter Ong
Goh Kar Whee Alicia Mak

Su Yi

Eric Foo
Oon Kuan Yong

Sketchnoting and Aesthetics Elsie Cheng
Nur Shahidah Salina Binte Rosli
Louisa Tan

TEL Shasikumaran Ng Kok Wah Addie Siew Seow Tzer Yeun

Write- up
Ng Yui Yun
Tan Sio Ling
Ng Kok Wah

Collation and Development Elisabeth Oh
Eric Foo
Cheryl Sia Jonathan Chua Zaman
EFSS Circuit Breaker Diary This 4 weeks EFSS Circuit Breaker Diary supported parents (EFSS teachers, parents of our students, parents of potential students, members of public) in engaging their younger children during the May holidays. 
 Mar 2020Yvonne Chung Jimmy Lim Entrepreneur Club Message to Front Line Workers Special thanks to E-Club teachers and students for their initiative to pen down messages and wrapping hampers with SNCF to thank front line workers for their efforts. 
Feb 2020  School Admin Team Temperature Screening & Key Exchange StationFor manning the stations daily, ensuring a smooth flow in taking of temperature and exchanging of keys. 
 Feb 2020 Mr Yeo See One (VPA)
Muhamad Halim Lim Tang Boon (OM)
Fixing of locks to mobile phone cabinet With 2 years of usage, the mobile phone cabinet faces some wear and tear (e.g damaged locks). Mr Yeo and Mr Lim helped to source out the hinges and locks while Mr Halim fixed them on the cabinet. 
 Feb 2020 MT department All teachers involvedCNY CNY celebrations and the Hamper wrapping-cum-gifting 
Feb 2020 All teachers involved Year 4 Camp 2020 Thank you to all teachers who were part of the year 4 Level Camp 
 Feb 2020All teachers involved Year 3 Camp 2020 Thank you to all teachers who were part of the OBS & year 3 Level Camp 
Feb 2020 Year 2 Form Teachers Camp Commandant – Angella Khiu Camp 2IC- Jacqueline Sng Darren Woo Alan Lim
Oon Kuan Yong Muhammad’ Ammar Syahirah Binte Mohamed Noh
Chang Ching Peter Ong
Ng Kai Jun
Lee Chiou Kwei Toh Su Yi
Por Yuling
Addie Siew 
 Year 2 Camp 2020Thank you to all teachers who accompanied the Year 2 students for the 3 days 2 nights camp at Sentosa 
 Feb 2020 All teachers involved Year 1 Camp 2020 Thank you to all teachers who were part of the year 1 Level Camp
Feb 2020 Addie Siew Shaw Wee Chong Wen Ee Seow Tzer Yuen Chong Yee Ming Nurul Huda Alvina Kasmuri Nur Shahidah Faezah Binte Noorahman Goh Kar Whee Eric Foo Yeo Ai Chin Shasikumaran All IP Heads ICT Team New Media Club for AV Support  Curriculum Tea Cum ICT Learning ExperienceFor the successful completion of the event with about 700 parents and students attending the event. 
 Jan 2020Mr Yeo See One (VPA) Lim Tang Boon (OM)  Annual inspection of fire fighting equipment by Fire ArmourFor accompanying the Fire Armour technicians for their checks to ensure that they conduct the requisite tests accordingly. This check would ensure the safety of our colleagues and students 
Jan 2020 Mr Nazied     
Mdm June Cheong 
Ms Toh Su Yi
      SLC Team          Lower Sec Year Head Team 
Year 1 FTs    
Sec 1 IOS & Campfire  For the successful running of the IOS and Campfire .
Nov 2019  Ms Daphne Wee2019 Edgefield Secondary Student Handbook For designing the page with a quote found at the back of the student handbook for the year 2020 and also the front cover page of the handbook. 
 Nov 2019Mr Addie Siew
 Mr Bernard Ng   
Mr  Evan Toh 
Presentation at Singapore International Science Teachers’ Conference For presenting 2 different papers on “A Case Study on the Impact of Social Interaction among Students in Learning Science” and “Harnessing New Media and Technology to enhance teaching and learning of Physics through Sketchnoting” 
15 Nov   
Festive Drum CCA 

 Mr Alphonsus Liang
 Mr Chong Yaw Sheng Mdm Azeimah 

Festive Drum Performance for Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) International Conference 2018  Festive Drum CCA performed at National Institute of Education for the Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) International Conference 2018 on the 12 November. 
 15 Nov    
Mr Jeffrey Nah
 Mdm Nurul
 Mdm Syahirah
 Mr See Qin Kai
 Mr Eric Foo

 Shanghai Overseas Cultural Immersion Trip  LLP Committee organised a TKD related trip to Shanghai. The students went for TKD exhange with a local private school with TKD specialisation and also attended lesson in a local junior high school in Hangzhou. 
15 Nov 
Scouts CCA  

 Mr Darren Woo
 Mr Ammar
 Mr Jermain Cho
 Mr Benedict Tan 

Project i-CARE with  Punggol West CC Youth Executive Committee  Edgefield Scout CCA had supported the Punggol West CC Project i-CARE on the 10 Nov. The purpose of this project is to do simple refurbishment of Punggol residents to make their lives better and make their home more liveable. Our Students will learn about volunteering and serving the needs of our community. 
Date Staff Involved   Activities / Events / Sharing 
3 Nov  Mr Iskandar
Mr Ammar
Mr Jimmy 
8th Cedar Paintball Invitational Challenge  3 teachers represented our school to take part in the Cedar Paintball Invitational Challenge, an inter-school competition for teachers that we participate in yearly. Their team emerged Champion. The school will get to keep the trophy for a year before the next challenge. 
 3 Nov  Joanna Neo Help rendered to all staff in light of the breakdown of the pantry’s water cooler  In light of the breakdown of the pantry’s water cooler, Ms Joanna Neo stepped out to contribute her hot water kettle so colleagues can still have access to hot water for their beverages. She left her kettle at the empty table beside hers for all to use. Many colleagues have benefitted from her kind contribution during this period. 
3 Nov  Elsie Cheng  Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP) 2018  

 1)  Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPs)  

 2)  Scenario Writing Three individuals submitted.  One of the students achieved 2nd placing.  

 3)  Community Problem Solving (CMPs) -Two teams of LS students participated.  One of the teams qualify for the 10th FPSP National Finals to be held on 3 Nov. 

Global Issues Problem solving (GIPS)
 -  Two teams from Thinkers’ Society Members  

 Scenario Writing
 1)    Tang Xian Hui
 2)    Chaudhary Anurag Narsingh
 3)    Teffania Clarissa Anabel (2nd placing)  

 Community Problem Solving (CMPS)
 1)    Project title: Kind Calligraphy

 Toh Min Jie Carrie
 Chow Yi en Nicole
 Bernice Tan Hui Ru
 Cheng Yi Ting Charmaine
 Cassandra Lim Claress Lim
 Nur Atikah Binte Abdul  

 2) Project Title: Kindness Daily

 Ho Xin Yi
 Chua Qi Qi Tifflyn
 Koh Rong Yan
 Lee Cai Ying
 Ang Cai Xuan
 Sharin Afnan
 Mao Ruijin
 Jolin Low Xin Yu
 [qualify for the 10th FPSP National finals]      

Notes of appreciation to coaches for their dedication  and guidance in mentoring the individuals/teams. 
 29 Oct  

Mr Eric FooMr Chelliah (Golf CCA Instructor)


Golf Enrichment lesson  Instructor on his own initiative took on a 1 to 1 coaching for Rachael Ong. Rachael - for taking up the challenge despite her disadvantage 
 29 Oct Amanda Lim (AED LBS)  Clay making workshop for students with special needs  Creating an opportunity for parents and students to bond during the workshop 
 2 Oct Koh Siong Huat (TSO D&T unit)
 Joanne Liu
 Eric Foo
Use of Simply Piano app in iPad @ Canteen Piano  Students can use the Simply Piano app to learn to use the Piano on their own. The iPad stand has be customised to suit the height of the piano. The additional fitting for the iPad stand was done by Mr Koh (TSO) from D&T unit. 
 2 Oct   Staff Engagement Committee Teachers’ Day Celebration for staff  Planned the teachers’ day celebration for staff which comprised of the breakfast table, leather making workshop and catered lunch buffet in school. 
 2 Oct   PENG LIRUI, YONG HAUR SHEN and SHAWN LYE Presenters at the 5th International Conference on T & L of Chinese as Second Language organised by SCCL and NIE on 13 Sep 2018.  Promote Critical Thinking of Students through Debates in the classrooms. There is an increased in a quarter of the students who agreed they are better equipped in the structure of the  thinking process. Many students also reflected they need to read more regularly and widely. 
 2 Oct  NPCC CCA  NPCC Service Awards Awardees
 ASP (NPCC) Neo Chee Keong NPCC  for Long Service Medal – 2nd Clasp (20 years)  
 A/ASP (NPCC) Arman Bin Alluwie for NPCC Service Award (5 years)  
 INSP (NPCC) Tan Hui Ying  for NPCC Service Award (5 years)     
 2 Oct  Year 1 Registration Team Innergy (Schools)
Awards 2018 
Bronze Award was attained by the Year 1 Registration Team. The prize money of $1000 will be donated to the staff welfare fund. 
 19 Sep SYFC CCA  
Mdm Norashikin
 Mr Koh Guan Hong
 Mr Edward Gan 
SYFC Inter-School Aeromodelling Competition   Achievement in the SYFC Inter-School Aeromodelling Competition held on the 18 August  2018  

 Electric Control Line (Senior Category)
 Javier Foo (3EC) - 3rd Place
 Adrian Song (3EA) - 4th Place  

 Flight Simulator (Junior Category)
 Tan Yu Heng, Brandon (2EC) - 3rd Place 
 19 Sep
 Choir CCA 

 Ms Joanne Kong
 Ms Andrea Lim
 Mrs Grace Lewis

Certificate of Distinction for Choral Singing Awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music  Choir achieved a distinction at the Choral assessment conducted by ABRSM on the 19 September 2018. 
11 Sep  Kuan Yong  Certificate of Appreciation for presenting at the PLZ  2018 PESTA Professional Learning Zone (PLZ)- North and East Zones (Secondary Schools) 23 August 2018  

 Title of Presentation: Positive Self-Review in Enhancing Learning in Physical Education 
 11 Sep  Mr Jermain Cho
Mr Benedict Tan
 Mr Valentino Lee
 Science Buskers Competition Finalist  Appreciation to the teachers on coaching and preparing the students for the auditions and successfully qualifying for Finals! Congratulations to our students, Tiffany Tan (3EL), Crystal Lim (1EV) and Lim Ying Xi (1EV), for qualifying for the finals of the Science Buskers Festival 2018! Thank you to teachers, staff and PSG who went to Plaza Singapura to support and vote for the team.
2 Sep   Sarimah
NLB app in iPads @ Library  Students can now loan iPads from the librarian to use the NLB app to read ebooks and educational magazines.   
25 Aug   Scouts CCA 

 Mr Darren Woo
 Mr Ammar
 Mr Jermain Cho
 Mr Benedict Tan
 Cub Scout Leadership Course 2018 Edgefield Scout CCA had successfully completed planning, organising and executing of a Cub Scout Leadership Camp for 157 Cub Scouts from 19 different Primary Schools that range from the North to the West Areas. 
25 Aug   Scouts CCA 
Mr Darren Woo
 Mr Ammar
 Mr Jermain Cho
 Mr Benedict Tan
North Area Scout Modelling Competition  Scout CCA participated in the  annual North Area Scout Lore and Modelling Competition held at Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School on the 25 August.  

 Team 1 - 4th position

 Team 2 - 2nd position
25 Aug   Choir Teachers
Ms Joanne Kong
 Mrs Grace Lewis
 Ms Andrea Lim
Voices in Harmony 2018  Edgefield Choir performed at a public ticketed concert; Voices in Harmony 2018, on the 25th August at the Goodman Arts Centre. Our choristers performed 2 songs and participated in the group presentation with other schools’ choir. 
 21 Aug Girl Guide CCA  

 Ms Alfieana Alphonso 
5 Years Long Service Award.  Girl Guides Singapore awarded the 5 Years Long Service Award to Ms Alfie.

The award is in appreciation of her dedicated and loyal service to the Guiding Movement. 
 21 Aug  Mr Lye Nyap Hiang (OIC)
Ms Yvonne Chung
 Mdm Zhang Lixin
Parenting Talk 2018  Parenting Talk are organised for parents annually to understand more about the current issues faced by our students as they develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.   These talks are coordinated by the teachers in-charge of Parent Support Group . About 180 parents from all levels attending the talk on the 27 July 2018.
Date Staff Involved   Activities / Events / Sharing 
 21 Aug  PE Department  

 Mr Jeffrey Nah (IC)
 Ms Tan Sio Ling
 Ms Por Yu Ling
 Mr Alan Lim
 Mr Iskandar
 Mr Oon Kuan Yong
 Mr Ng Kok Wah
 Ms Klarissa
 Mr Eric Foo  

 and all staff to contribute to the management of event. 
Sports and Game Carnival 8 August 2018  A big thank you to all staff who contributed to the successful organisation of the Sports and Games Carnival.   All students took part in the various sports and  traditional games. 
 21 Aug Ms Alicia Mak  Innovators Programme 2018  This is our first year taking part in the Innovators’ Programme by MOE.  We have sent in two teams, mentored by Ms Alicia Mak. 

 One of the teams was selected for the poster exhibition@26th Young Innovators’ Fair on 29th August.  
Notes of appreciation to Ms Alicia Mak for her dedication  and guidance in mentoring the teams. 
21 Aug  Ms Judy Ng
 CCA Teacher ICs 
CCA Concept Shot Photo-taking Session on the 6th August  CCA Concept Shot Photo-taking Session was arranged by Ms Judy Ng. Thank you to all CCA teachers who prepared the students for the photo shoots. 
21 Aug Modern Dance CCA  

 Mdm Sharifah
 Ms Joanne Liu
 Mdm Siti Zamzam 
8th placing in the Secondary Finals in the Super24 dance competition  Modern Dance CCA teachers and students had put in additional practices for the students to perfect their choreography. They did their best in the finals and was the 8th team overall. 
21 Aug   Basketball CCA

Mr Oon Kuan Yong
 Mr Keith Teo
 Ms Yvonne Chung
National Schools Games North Zone Basketball Championships 2018 C Division Boys Fairplay Award  Our school was given the Fairplay award for C Division Boys during the recent North Zone Basketball Championships 2018. This award epitomise the values of sportsmanship and respect which  our student demonstrated during the competition. 
21 Aug  Band CCA

 Mrs Lily Lee
 Ms Joanna Neo
 Ms Cherie Chang
 Ms Jolin Yong 
 Singapore International Band Festival 2018
Bronze Award
 Singapore International Band Festival is a biennial festival that provides developmental opportunity for bands and upholds high artistic integrity in its adjudication. Our school’s Concert Band took part in this festival to benchmark our performance ability and to receive feedback from a panel of internationally renowned adjudicators to help improve our performance.
21 Aug  Mr Ammar - OIC

Supporting UG teachers Mr See Qin Kai
 Mdm Koo Sin Yee
 Ms Salina
 Mr Arman
 Mr Jermain  

 Supporting Band Teachers -
 Mrs Lily,
 Ms Joanna Neo,
 Ms Cherie Chang  
NE Teachers
 Mdm Yeo Ai Peng
 Mr Keith Teo 
1. National Day Observance Ceremony @ Punggol Green Primary School  

 2. In-school National Day Observance Ceremony on the 8th August
Our school participated in the Punggol West National Day Observance Ceremony 2018 on the 9th August @ Punggol Green Primary School. They received a Certificate of Appreciation from MP Ms Sun Xueling for their effort. 4 Year 2 NE ambassadors also participated in the event to promote the love for Singapore 
 21 Aug  Staff Engagement Committee Sem 2 Staff Bonding Session 2018  These members played a part in brainstorming game ideas and setting up of the stations on the day itself, hosting the whole event for the staff. 
21 Aug  Mr Toh Siong Keong
 Mdm Han Khim Yuan 
SLS/ ICT sharing with ST PATRICK’s SECONDARY School  Appreciation to Siong Keong and Khim yuan for sharing on their learning  journey in ICT with st Patrick’s school. They shared how they used SLS for math lessons. 
21 Aug   Lye Nyap Hiang
 Joanna Neo
 Darren Woo
10th Global Youth Leaders' Summit and Nelson Mandela International Day 2018   On behalf of the Character and Leadership Academy and FutuReady Asia team, thank you so much for sending your students to be part of the 10th Global Youth Leaders’ Summit and Nelson Mandela International Day (NMID) 2018. Feedback from the students were that they felt the discussion panel were inspiring, and they really enjoyed making new friends with leaders from different schools. Some also mentioned that the highlight of the day was meeting the beneficiaries and gifting them with the items they needed. We truly hope that the summit would set your students thinking more about what youth leaders they would want to become, and spur them on to continue on their leadership journey. We at FutuReady Asia look forward to working with your students on more programmes in future! In the meantime, do have a great rest-of-the-week!
21 Aug  Daphne Wee
 Alvina Kasmuri 
SYF 2018 Arts Exhibition  Notes of appreciation to Mdm Daphne Wee and Alvina for coaching the Art club CCA members in their artwork for this exhibition theme ‘‘Art i st & Citizenship’.

 Details of the students’ artworks can be viewed at the online gallery

 Two of artworks are selected for display at Malan Campus for one year. 
 21 Aug   OM & AM teams N3 ICT Symposium on 24/7   OSOs arranged the hall, cleaned the classrooms, setup registration table and put up the signages. Security guards coordinated the car parking on 24/7.

Cheryl pasted all the concurrent sessions information on all the classrooms and outside the hall.

 Mary and Wan Teng for doing an excellent job with the signages and last minute requests.
21 Aug   Prefects and NPCC cadets N3 ICT Symposium on 24/7   Prefects did an excellent job  on ushering and guiding the participants to their venues.

 Joanna briefed the prefects and stayed with them throughout the symposium.

NPCC Cadets did an excellent job under the hot weather in helping the security guards with the carpark arrangement.
 21 Aug  iPad Training Team (Addie, Wen Ee, Tzer Yuen, Benedict, Pin Quan, Shaw & Alicia)  Completion of iPad Training for Trs on 24/7 Conducted concurrent session for teachers to learn to use the iPad and apps for T&L. 
 21 Aug  Mrs Serene Ng
 Mr Alphonsus Liang
 Mr Shasi
 Ms Punitha
 Mr Lim Tang Boon
 Ms Mary Lim 
Completion of BCA Green Mark Audit  The school has concluded the audit for BCA Green Mark Award with the help of various stakeholders.  We are currently in running for the Gold Plus certification. 
 21 Aug Tan Sio Ling
 Ng Kok Wah 
 Publicity Drive @ Mee Toh School on Friday (13 Jul) Appreciation to Ms Tan SL and Mr Ng KW  and a group of prefects for engaging P6 students and their parents of Mee Toh School at their Career’s Fair and to allow them to find out more about Edgefield Sec Sch 
 21 Aug  Class of 2014  Alumni Achievements Our Alumni, Our Pride

 We wish to congratulate our alumni of 2014 who have recently graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with excellent results!

 Anabel Chew Yan Ling (Diploma in Accounting & Finance

 1.       Deloitte & Touche Course Bronze Medal
 2.       Nexia TS Prize
 3.       OCBC Bank Prize

 Tay Hao Lin Shaun (Diploma in Business)

 1.      JustNile Prize
 Shermaine Tay Li Suan (Diploma in Leisure & Events Management)

 1.     Civil Service Club Project Prize
 Chua Gim Aik (Diploma in in Big Data Management & Governance)

 1.     EMC Computer Systems (South Asia) Course Gold Medal
 2.     IMDA Excellence Award
 3.     Deloitte & Touche Enterprise Risk Services Project Prize
 4.     Deloitte & Touche Enterprise Risk Services Special Industry Prize
 5.     EMC Computer Systems (South Asia) Prize 
21 Aug  Class of 2016, 4 Elliot  

 FT Mr Tan Huey Hong Mdm Zhang Lixin 
 Alumni Achievement in IHLs Republic Polytechnic’s STA (School of Technology for the Arts) School Award Ceremony on the 16 August    MEGAN CHIA YONG-QI, Class of 4EL of 2016   Awarded The Lee Foundation Scholarship 
 21 Aug Festive Drum CCA  

 Mr Alphonsus Liang
 Mr Chong Yaw Sheng Mdm Azeimah 
Festive Drum Performance for SYF 2018 Illuminate! @ USQ  SYF 2018 Illuminate! @ USQ is a public arts performance organised by Arts Education Branch to showcase performing arts in schools. This year, our school’s  Festive Drum CCA performed on the 30 June for  Illuminate! @ United Square. They opened the event with their uplifting drum beat and captivating choregraphy. The performers consisted of 20 student  from Sec 1s to Sec 3s. “ This is my first time representing Edgefield in a performance, It gives me the confidence and pride to be part of the team “ Ignatius Tang, 1EU 
21 Aug   Modern Dance CCA  

 Mdm Sharifah Ms Joanne Liu Mdm Siti Zamzam
 Modern Dance CCA – 5th in the Divisional Finals of Super24 Dance Competition @ Our Tampines Hub Super 24 is a dance showcase competition to showcase dance talents and team unity. It emphasizes teamwork and ingenuity. Teams are to consist of exactly 24 members, dancing within a confined 8 by 8 metre square and performing a strictly 90-second routine. Our school was the 5th team in the divisional finals for the Secondary School Category and was awarded the “Golden Ticket” to proceed to the finals on the 4 August @ OCBC Arena. The team consists of Sec 1s to 3s dancers and they are thrilled to be in the finals. 
Date Staff Involved   Activities / Events / Sharing 
21 July  Koo Sin Yee   CBL-VIA Project Showcase Showcasing of Grade A CBL-VIA projects by representatives of Y2 classes with Y1 cohort during Assembly period, including sharing of processes involved in project such as problem solving, communication and collaboration. 
 21 July  Mr Arman Singapore Model Cabinet 2018- Xavier Tan, Lim Zhi Han

Dunman High ASEAN Plus Summit 2018- Xavier Tan, Lim Zhi Han, Celeste Yong Ching Ying, Jochel Aileen, Sherman Foo Zong Jie  

 OnePeople Model United Nations 2018- Sherman Foo, Marcus Low Yeow Chong 
Certificate of Participation Verbal Commendation for Sherman Foo for DHAP and OnePeople MUN 
 10 July  Klarissa  [ECG] Work Attachment for Y3 28 Y3/4 students participated in the work attachment (link-ups with nEbO) at the following organisations:
 -       The New Savvy
 -       Orchid Country Club
 -       eXplorer Kids
 Prior to the work attachment assignment, students attended resume writing workshop conducted by Pheck Hoon and sent their applications for jobs through nEbO.  

 3 Y3 ECG advocates shared on their work attachment takeaways with Y2 students at Virtues Sharing talk this morning 
 10 July Sharifah  [ECG] Elective Modules for Y2 to Y4 (NA/NT)  Completion of Elective Modules that allow students to explore their interests and possible post-secondary courses::
 -       Y2 and 4: Sem 1 (20 hours per module)
 -       Y3: Sem 2 (4 full days at ITE, STEM modules) 
 10 July  Patrick, Jeffrey, Benedict, Louisa, Winston, Mdm Tian, Siong Keong, Bernard, Alan Teo  Edgefield Team competed and completed Olive Run 2018 Congratulation to all the colleagues who have completed this year Olive Run 2018. Looking forward to more participation in 2019! 
 10 July  Future Ready Committee,
the following Elective
Owners (Shawn Lye; Joanna Neo; Darren Woo; Shaw Wee; Bernard Ng; Alicia Mak; Louisa; Michel Chua; Kuan Yong; Eric; Noorazlina and Sharifah)
 Commencement of Future Ready Curriculum (Elective) Appreciation for the successful commencement of Future Ready Curriculum (Elective). FRC elective owners for planning and assisting in the respective program modules. 
10 July   All staff Fire Drill  All staff for carrying out Fire Drill safely. First aid group for taking care of no-dove case during fire-drill. Special mention for new ASG group for efficient confirmation of student attendance at the Assembly Area. 
10 July  Home Team and General Office staff (Ms Judy, Ms Rashidah and Ms Lim Hui YIng)  Temperature taking exercise on 28 JUne 2018

 Appreciation for ensuring that the temperature taking exercise is carried out smoothly.
 10 July SLs + All staff, in particular: -VP Adviser Mr Tan
 - Steering Comm (Kok Wah, Elsie, Mdm Farah, Yih Tyan, Genevieve, Shasi, Brennan, Joanne Liu) 
 Soul PAssionArts Festival Appreciation to ALL colleagues for helping with the planning, coordination and execution of all activities last Friday. 
10 July  Tabitha, Keith, Darren, Arman, Wen Ee, Klarissa, Rachel, Yvonne, Shazleen   Learning Journey to Esplanade on 24 May evening Appreciation to the SS teachers and Arman (MUN teacher) for chaperoning selected Sec 3s, MUN students and advocates to attend a pre-show tour of the Esplanade and forum theatre performance “Trick or Threat” on multicultural issues. 
10 July   Mr Lee
 Mr Tan
 Ms Mary Lim
 Mdm Yeo Ai Peng
 Mr Eric Foo
 Mr Hafidz
 Ms Serene Lim
 Staff Induction Programme Appreciation to colleagues who helped to induct new colleagues on School Programmes, CCE, CC, Discipline. Exam Matters, and Admin & Finance Matters 
10 July  Teachers teaching Pure Geog: Lily, June, Andrea Ang  Fieldwork processes featured in GEM (Geography Education Matters) Issue 2 2018  The processes in conducting fieldwork and post fieldwork are captured and featured in CPDD GEM Issue 2 2018 
10 July   NCDCC CCA

 Mr See Qin Kai
 Mdm Klarrisa Khor
 16th NCDCC Fire Fighting Course Teachers’ completion of the NCDCC Fire Fighting Course that was held from 18 to 21 June 2018 at the Civil Defence Academy. 
 10 July Toh Siong Keong & Han Khim Yuan  Presentation on using SLS @ ICTLT 2018   Designing an Acquisition Learning Experience in a Secondary Mathematics Classroom using the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS)
22 June Mdm Yeo Ai Peng, Mdm Tabitha Lee, prefects Publicity drive at Holy Innocents’ Primary School on 25 May Notes of appreciation to Mdm Yeo Ai Peng, Mdm Tabitha Lee and a group of prefects for setting up a booth at Holy Innocents’ Primary School for their P6 students to allow them to find out more about Edgefield Sec Sch
22 June Jimmy Lim & E-club members, SLC, Shooting CCA, Robotics CCA, TKD CCA Hosting of Rivervale Primary School on 24 May. Notes of appreciation to the teachers and students for assistance in hosting 40 students and 3 teachers from Rivervale Primary School to have an enriching experience in our school. Activities featured were ACE lesson conducted by Mr Jimmy Lim and assisted by E-club members, CCA experiences conducted by teachers and members of Shooting, Robotic and TKD CCA respectively. Special thanks to SLC for the provision of prefects to assist in hosting and welcoming the guests.
 22 June Elisabeth & Shasi   Technology-enhanced Learning@Edgefield shared at 2nd SSD Networking Session at AST on 22 May 2018 Dear Mdm Oh and Mr Shasikumaran,                
On behalf of the SSD PD team, we would like to thank you for sharing at the 2nd SSD Networking Session on 22 May 2018. The participants had benefited from your sharing on your school’s journey in advancing the goals of mp4 and in growing your staff’s capacity to facilitate ICT-enriched learning for the students.  

 Mr Derek Tan Deputy 
 Director 2 
22 June   Joanna Neo & Lye Nyap Hiang Role Model Leadership Camp 19 - 20 Jun 2018  Appreciation to Joanna Neo and Shawn Lye in leading the Prefectorial Board to plan and conduct the inaugural Role Model Leadership Camp in June. This camp was conceptualised to meet the objectives of assessing the Role Model nominees, honing leadership skills of the Year 3 Prefects, and to promote bonding among the student leaders. 
 22 June Nyap Hiang and Jimmy   Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2018 Special thanks to Nyap Hiang and Jimmy for linking up with nEbO to send our E-Club students to YES.  

Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) is an annual youth-run entrepreneurship symposium organised by nEbO for youths aged 17 - 25.  

 nEbO made special arrangement to allow our students to attend the opening day as part of our long term collaboration to expose our students to Entrepreneurship.  

 Students interview by Mr Ng Chee Meng. Link in facebook 
22 June   Patrick, Lixin, Grace, Mdm Tian, June, Lily, Benedict Advanced Elective Module   Sincere thanks to Patrick, Lixin and Grace for handling all the work to register students for AEM. Not an easy process having to deal with various issues like last minute withdrawals.
Special thanks to Mdm Tian, June, Lily and Benedict for going for the Learning Journeys with the students for their respective courses.  

 Extra interesting information : Some students came up with interesting original board games during their course. We are planning to produce some of their work inhouse for others to play.
Date Staff Involved   Activities / Events / Sharing 
22 June  Mdm Serene Lim  NUS Creative & Heuristics Applications of Science (CHAOS) Competition  Many thanks to Serene as teacher mentor for a team of 4 Sec 1 students participating in the finals on 23 May.

 The students are from 1EC:

22 June   Dr Bernard Ng NUS National Crystal Growing Competition   Many thanks to Dr Bernard Ng who teach the students scientific research skills to conduct experiments to grow a big beautiful Ammonium Cobalt (II) Sulfate Hexahydrate crystal.

 The students are from 4EL:
 1.     Lau Ming Jie
 2.     Xavier Tan
 22 June Mr Neo Chee Keong, Mdm Teo Lily, Mdm Azeimah & teacher chaperones   Sec 3 Learning Journey to Science Centre (10th May and 23 May) Notes of appreciation to Mr Neo Chee Keong and Mdm Teo Lily who organised the Science and Humanities learning journey to Science Centre.

 Thanks to Mdm Azeimah who see to the logistic arrangement and notes of appreciation to all teacher who accompanied the Sec 3 classes to Science Centre. 
 22 June Mr Seow Tzer Yeun & Sec 2 Form Teachers   Post-Exam Activity (PET Rocket Project on 22 May) Notes of appreciation to Mr Seow Tzer Yeun (IC of program) and Sec Form teachers and teacher chaperones who accompanied the Sec 2 classes throughout the activity 
 22 June  Alumni, Lee Kee   Infocomm Polytechnic Scholarship Award Our alumni, Lee Kee, has been awarded the InfoComm Polytechnic Scholarship Award awarded by  Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA). Congratulations! 
 22 June Poh  Ah Thing   Valedictory Letter & Long Service Award Certificate  
 22 June All teachers   Kun Lin  PTM 2018   Notes of appreciation to all teachers in conducting meaningful parent-teacher meetings with parents and students so as to update and monitor their academic and behavioural progresses in school

 Thanks to Kun Lin for creating the online booking system for PTM 2018 and making booking of PTM slots much convenient and easier.
 22 June  Mdm Yeo Ai Peng, Mdm Tabitha Lee, prefects  Publicity drive at Holy Innocents’ Primary School on 25 May Notes of appreciation to Mdm Yeo Ai Peng, Mdm Tabitha Lee and a group of prefects for setting up a booth at Holy Innocents’ Primary School for their P6 students to allow them to find out more about Edgefield Sec Sch 
22 June  Jimmy Lim & E-club members, SLC,
Shooting CCA, Robotics CCA, TKD CCA 
 Hosting of Rivervale Primary School on 24 May. Notes of appreciation to the teachers and students for assistance in hosting 40 students and 3 teachers from Rivervale Primary School to have an enriching experience in our school. Activities featured were ACE lesson conducted by Mr Jimmy Lim and assisted by E-club members, CCA experiences conducted by teachers and members of Shooting, Robotic and TKD CCA respectively. Special thanks to SLC for the provision of prefects to assist in hosting and welcoming the guests. 
 22 May  Elsie Cheng  Content Creator   Notes of appreciation to Ms Shahidah for designing up and coming up the content for the Google website(sketchnoting resources for teachers).  She is also the one who emailed the staff and students the monthly sketchnoting newsletter.
 22 May Mr Lim & OSO Staff

Ms Shahidah

Mr Halim 
Reallocation of the Art Rooms

Designing the storage cabinet for the Art Studios

Building the storage cabinet
Notes of appreciation for helping the Art unit to shift and clear the items from the Art rooms to the new venue. 

Notes of appreciation to Ms Shahidah to coming up with design of the cabinet based on the needs of the unti.

Notes of appreciation to Mr Halim for helping to build up the customised cabinet. 
 22 May  Salina Rosli  Guest speaker

 Presenting@MOE Art Teaching Information Session (In collaboration with NTU ADM) 
Salina was invited to be the guest speaker for the MOE Art Teaching Career Talk @ NTU ADM on 20 May 2018 (Sunday). She, as an NTU ADM graduate, shared her teaching experience with the current graduating NTU ADM students and hope to interest them in art teaching as a career.

Notes of Appreciation from MOE HR
Hi Salina
Thank you very much for your sharing at the event and for working with us to make it a success. 
We are delighted that you took the time to come down despite your busy schedule to share with the participants on your Art teaching experiences. Your engaging presentation enlivened the session and sparked an interest in Art teaching.
Once again, thank you for your time on a Sunday evening and we look forward to your continued support for our recruitment efforts!

Hysen Lim (Mr)
Senior Recruitment Marketing Executive, Recruitment Marketing & Research, HR Solutions & Capabilities Division
 22 May  Mr Seow Tzer Yeun
Mr Alan Teo
 Mr Addie Siew 
Write Formula project featured in ETD publication's “i in Practice” Volume 5  Our school’s wRite Formula project in collaboration with ETD is being featured in ETD publication's “i in Practice” Volume 5 ( Pg 2 and teacher's quote by Mr Seow Tzer Yeun on Pg 5
Staff Alocades.png
 22 May  Mr Shasi & Mr Addie Siew  Sharing on Challenge Based Learning at RGS Perl Symposium  The Pedagogical Research Lab (RGS PeRL) was set up in Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), in January 2010. It was officially launched on 28 August 2010 by Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Permanent Secretary for Education, Ministry of Education.

In order to benefit from synergistic wisdom and expertise, RGS conducts and facilitates research in collaboration with RGS staff as well as external partners such as the National Institute of Education (Singapore). 

Edgefield Sec Sch presented on CBL as one of the five one-to-one computing schools in Singapore. 
  22 May   Teacher Mentors: 
Dr Bernard Ng, Mr Seow Tzer Yeun

  1.  4EU Lucia Pan Yucheng
  2. 4EU Cheng Jia Xin Rachel
  3. 4EU Yang Jing Yi Nicole
  4. 3ES Yong Ching Ying Celeste
  5. 3ES Zacharie Ang
19th International Elementz Science Research Conference & Exhibition

Certificate of Commendation (COC)
Our students attained Certificate of Commendation (COC) for their project on:

Investigation on the use of fruits batteries to power the generation of hydrogen fuel by means of water splitting.

Million thanks to our teacher mentors for giving guidance and support to students in their scientific investigation throughout the months leading to the competition and conference on 11th April 2018.

10-Apr  Thinkers’ society: Toh Siong Keong & Seow Tzer Yeun (CCA Teacher/OoTM Coaches) 

Potential Development Committee:

Koh Guan Hong & Koo Sin Yee (OoTM coaches)

2018 Odyssey of the Mind National Finals

(2 teams - Potential Development Committee)

(1 team- Thinkers’ Society-1st Runner up and qualify for 2018 World Finals) 

Notes of appreciation to the coaches for their dedication and patience when mentoring the OoTM teams. 

The OoTM team, from the Thinkers’ Society,  comprises of all Year 1s achieved the first runner up and qualify for the 2018 World Finals.   
10-Apr 2017 Year 4/5  D&T Teachers  2018 Design Awards

11 entries

2 entries were shortlisted for pitching session 
Notes of appreciation to the D&T  teachers for submitting students’ projects for the 2018 Design award.  2 of the entries were shortlisted for the pitching session to panel of industry designers & lecturers on 12 March 2018. 
10-Apr   Daphne Wee
Salina Rosli
 Safety Starts With Me Competition 2018 organised by Workshop Safety & Health Council

4 entries

pending results

Notes of appreciation to the Art Teachers (Daphne and Salina) for promoting the event and garnering interest for students’ participation. 
10-Apr  Modern Dance
CCA Mdm Sharifah
Ms Joanne Liu 
Mdm Siti Zam Zam 
 Shanghai Principals' Round table Conference Performance at Innova JC on 27 March  Modern Dance CCA put up a customised performance at Shanghai Principals' Round table Conference at Innova JC on 27 March  
10-Apr  Candice Ngau   SLS sharing during Sec Math LAMP+ on 27 Mar As an experienced HOD who is also involved in the SLS Pilot Phase, share with newly appointed MMs about leading and supporting teachers in design active learning with ICT and how ICT is integrated into Math department plans.  
Date Staff Involved   Activities / Events / Sharing 
10-Apr   Scout CCA
Mr Darren Woo
Mr Ammar
Mr Benedict Tan
Mr Jermain Cho
 Frank Cooper Sands Award Results

- Gold
Frank Cooper Sands Award is the best unit competition benchmark for scout CCA. 
10-Apr  Harmonica CCA
Mdm Serene Lim
Mdm Nurul Huda
Mdm Noorazlina 
 The Art of Healing program at Tan Tock Seng Hospital During the March holidays, Edgefield Harmonica Band collaborated with Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) for the Art of Healing (AOH) program which aims to transform the hospital environment from a traditionally sterile environment to a warm, welcoming place of healing. Our Edgefield Harmonica band performed songs from different genres to enliven the patients' hospital stays and visits. This opportunity to perform also seek to nurture our students as compassionate leaders 
 20 Mar Joanne Liu  Acquisition of School Piano for Students’ Use  Joanne has managed to acquire a 2nd hand piano through her contacts for our students usage in the canteen. This has help the school to save about $1000. She has also liaise for the transportation and delivery of the piano. Thank you.  
 6 Mar

-School Leaders for their guidance and support

-KPs and teachers for preparation of packages, conducting lessons and team bonding games and accompanying the students for activities outside school

-Form Teachers for constantly guiding and monitoring your students

-AV team for supporting in AV/PA requirements

-EAS team for bus booking and purchase of lesson materials

-OSO team for arrangement and clearance of classrooms, tables and chairs, etc.

-All those who have helped in one way or another to contribute to the smooth running of the camps 
Appreciation for Year 1, 3 and 4&5 Level Camps   
 6 Mar   Joanna How Thank You note from Academy of Singapore Teachers, CLDC Team  From Mr Derek Tan, Deputy Director 2 of Academy of Singapore Teachers:

On behalf of the Academy of Singapore Teachers, the CLDC Team would like to express heartfelt appreciation to you for giving cross-level deployed teachers the opportunity for visiting your school and to observe lessons in a secondary school classroom setting. The experience has definitely given them greater insights into teaching and learning in secondary schools.

A special note of thanks to Mdm Joanna How for taking time to facilitate the visit amidst busy schedule and work commitments.  
 6 Mar  Jermain Cho  Promotion to General Education Officer 2 from 1 Dec 2017   
6 Mar  C&T Department           (D&T Unit) In Appreciation  - D&T Sharing 

From Principal of Sembawang Secondary:

1. Edgefield Secondary School hosted my D&T team  (Teachers and TSOs) on Friday, 26 Jan 2018 for a sharing session from 2.30pm to 5pm.


2.       Your HOD/C&T, Ms Elsie Cheng led the sharing session together with your D&T staff.


3.       My team shared that they have benefitted tremendously from the sharing.


4.       On behalf of Sembawang Secondary School, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation to you, and to Elsie and her team for your generosity in sharing.

Notes of appreciation to the following:

[Mr Halim for preparing samples and provided photo images for the slides.]

Mr Koh for showing and explaining the workshop layout, machine shop and material store to the visitors.

[Mr Winston Chew and Mr Koh Guan Hong for explaining our processes and considerations in coursework facilitations. ] 

The rest of the D&T teachers have CCA duty. 
 6 Mar  Thank you note to EFSS   Thank you note to EFSS

From Grace haven:

We are very appreciative of the support given towards Matthew’s academic and holistic journey through working hand in hand with our team in Grace haven.  From Adriel Tham 
6 Mar  Muhammad Ammar

Certificate of Accomplishment for completing


(Course on Malay Grammar Module 1) 
 6 Mar  Muhammad Ammar   Certificate of Participation for completing ‘NFTE University 2018’ 

Appreciate ‘Ammar for volunteering to make an impact in our Year 3 Edison students together with Julian and Shakirah. With concepts learnt in EBS, students apply them in NFTE, identifying problems and coming up with business proposals in front of judges.

NFTE University equips teachers with the content and rationale behind each activity students go through. It also allows teachers to create network with other schools. 
24 Jan  SH/I&E
Interim Relief Planning Team 

Note of appreciation for

-       agreeing (at short notice) to take on extra duties as Interim Relief Planning Team till e-relief system is up and running

-       putting together Relief Planning Concept paper, capturing relief planning guidelines, streamlining relief planning processes 
24 Jan 


Resident Programmer 
 Creating an e-relief system SH/I&E provides the inputs for Resident Programmer’s incorporation into the e-relief system 
30 Jan Mary, Betty, Hui Ying  No late payment in 2017   
30 Jan   Colleagues from Humanities Department Thank you note from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School 

Thank you note:

Thank you for your hospitality and generosity of having us for the session and kind sharing by your department 
30 Jan   Jimmy Lim Inspiring Teacher Award 2017   
30 Jan   Jimmy Lim  Outstanding Contribution Award 2017 (ArtasFest Committee)   
30 Jan  Julian Lee  Outstanding Contribution Award 2017 (ArtasFest Committee)   
29 Dec Ms Amanda Lim   Completion of Diploma in Dyslexia Studies from Dyslexia Association of Singapore in Oct 2017.  Professional development. Moving on to do part-time Master of Education (Special Needs) at NIE (Jan 2018 intake). 
29 Dec  Ms Vickineswari  5-year Volunteer Service Award presented by Singapore After-Care Association in Nov 2017.   Vicki has been volunteering her service by providing support to ex-offenders and their families since 2012.
29 Dec 

Mr Lee Peck Ping, Principal

Mr Tan Chai Hok, VP

Mdm Joanna How

Mdm Tian Swee Geok

Mr Lye Nyap Hiang 
 Involvement of Care Study of Research Project on Mentoring by AST in collaboration with NIE  
29 Dec 

Ms Tan Sio Ling

Mdm Yeo Ai Peng

Mdm Elizabeth Oh

Mdm Janet Lee

Mdm Tan Yih Tyan

Mdm Yeo Ai Chin

Mdm Genevieve Tan

Mdm Candice Ngau

Ms Thiru

Mr Ng Kok Wah

Mr Shasikumaran

Mr Eric Foo

Mdm Joseph Tabith Lee

Mr Mohd Nazied

Mr Peter Ong

Ms Por Yu Ling

Mr Hafidz Khan

Mdm June Cheong

Ms Nor Shazleen

Mr Jerry Ho

Mr Oon Kuan Yong

Ms Siti Zubaidah

Mdm Joanna How

Mdm Farah Diba

Mdm Tian Swee Geok

Mr Chong Yee Ming 
2017 Mentor Mentee Programme (for Sec 4 Express students)   
29 Dec   Mdm Vicki Article was featured in ST Forum on 24 Oct 2017 - “Be More Understanding of Teens Late Night Habits” 

Some excerpts from her article:

"parents would wait for them to return, "forcing" them to leave their friends early.  They also said that their parents get worried and vent their frustrations on them.“

"Various neurobiological, hormonal, environmental and social factors also contribute to changes in the sleeping pattern of adolescents." 
29 Dec   VP Mr  Tan and Mdm Tan Yih Tyan Sharing on Edgefield’s Reading Programme with EL Teachers from Meridian Secondary School   
29 Dec  VP Mr Tan and Ms Shahidah  Sharing on Edgefield’s Language Arts Programme and CCA Drama respectively with AED officers from MOE   
29 Dec Brennan Kwa Yiew Khoon  Certificate of Participation  For completing AST ELIS Professional Learning Programme in “Teaching Prose in the Secondary Literature Classroom” - March to November 2017 
14 Nov   Klarissa Khor  Best Trainee Award  

Completed the National Civil Defence Cadet Course coducted on 30/10 to 10/11 (2 weeks)

Awarded Best Trainee during the 15th Basic Teacher Officer Course