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Taekwondo (Lifelong Learning Programme)

Taekwondo (Lifelong Learning Programme)

Objectives of the programme

Aligned with the school’s vision and the commitment to develop a holistic Edgefield Education, the school has infused Taekwondo (TKD) Curriculum into its normal curriculum to complement the PE programme for physical pursuit. It aims to equip the students with self-defense skills and to cultivate in the students a Respectful Mind (adapted from “5 Minds For the Future” by Howard Gardner).


Goals to achieve

Implemented in 2011, all students undergo TKD training during curriculum time for 2 periods per week for an hour. Three grading are conducted per year and all students will be able to attain the Junior (Under 16) TKD black belt classification at the end of Year 4.











Requirements of participation

All students in Edgefield Secondary are required to take up TKD as part of their curriculum. They will progress accordingly their level of entry and level of skills attainment in TKD.


Date / Time / Duration of programme

Once a week for an hour in timetable


Name / Department of teachers in-charge

PE Department

Mr Eric Foo

Mr Jeffrey Nah

Mr Onn Kuan Yong



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