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Edgefield Choir presented Certificate of Accomplishment at the 2017 SYF Arts Presentation at SOTA

Start:2017-12-31, 17:00:00


The Edgefield Choir presented at the bi-annual 2017 SYF Arts Presentation at SOTA and achieve the award Certificate of Accomplishment.

First launched on 18 July 1967 at the Jalan Besar Stadium by the late President Yusof Ishak, the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) has since become an annual event organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate the achievements of our youths in the co-curricular activities (CCA).

Over the years, the SYF has evolved to reflect the changing times. It has seen the involvement of more than 30,000 students in the activities and performances each year. The SYF has been a fiesta for honing of skills, building friendship, strengthening bonds and a creating a common, shared experience for our youths.

Starting in April with the SYF Arts Presentations (formerly known as Central Judging) and culminating in a week-long of SYF Celebrations in July (formerly known as SYF Presentations and Outreach), the SYF will engage students from schools across Singapore in the Visual and Performing Arts CCAs.

Beyond the showcase of artistic talents and the vitality among our youths, the SYF reflects the Ministry’s belief in the importance of a well-rounded education.

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