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‘C’ Divistion North Zone Inter-School Badminton Championship 2015

January / February 2015

‘B’ Division North Zone Inter-School Badminton Championship 2015
January / February 2015


Character Attribute of CCA

The CCA hopes to nurture and groom students with remarkable sportsmanship, integrity, perseverance and passion for the game.


Benefits of the CCA

Through the training, students will develop tough physical and mental strength to overcome any challenges with resilience and fighting spirit. Through various competitions, such as North Zone Inter-School Badminton Championship, North Zone Home & Away Competition, Wee Kim Wee Badminton Challenge Trophy and Ashaway Youth, students will gain greater exposure and hone their badminton skills and techniques.


Achievements / Competitions

North Zone Inter School Badminton Championship 2015
C Division Girls – 2nd round
B Division Boys – 2nd round



Mr Yong Haur Shen
Mr Patrick Yeo

Ms Juliawaty Tje
Ms Jolin Yong


Student Leaders:

Ang Nian Soon, Wayne – Year 3 Boys Captain

Kok Hui Wen Ivy – Year 3 Girls Captain

Lau Hong Wei Randy – Year 2 Boys Captain

Bryan Ong Jian Lin – Year 2 Boys Vice-Captain

Ng Xin Yu Stella – Year 2 Girls Captain

Tan Zuyi, Joey – Year 3 Girls Vice-Captain


Training Schedule

Monday & Wednesday 3.15pm – 6.00pm(School Team)

Friday 2.30pm – 6.00pm (School Team)

Thursday 3.15pm – 5.30pm (Non-School Team)


Multi-Purpose Hall


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